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Send customers to a Thank You page after payment

By usings Return URLs you can send your customers to a Success or Thank You page after they made a payment. These pages can be used to thank your customers for their order, to give them access to exclusive content, to sell additional items or for you to gather more information about them.

To set this up, first you need to decide where you want to send your customer to. You can create a dedicated page on your website or for example use a link to a file in Dropbox. Once you know where you're sending the customer to; copy the URL to that page. Once you've got the URL copied, follow these steps:

  1. You go to your Checkout Page dashboard and click on the page you want to add the Return URL to
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Paste your URL into the Return URL field
  4. Press save

That's it! Your customers will now be sent to that URL after they completed the checkout.

Don't want to send your customers to the URL anymore? Simply empty the field and save the page.

Are you looking for a way to identify and save information about the transaction and the customer? Check out this article.

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