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Setup fee

In this help article, we'll show you how to charge setup fees for your checkouts on Checkout Page.

Sometimes your product or service may require a setup at an additional cost, especially when selling a subscription or a service to a new customer for the first time.

Charge a setup fee

You can charge a one-time setup fee to your customer when they purchase your product.

When creating a checkout, simply tick the box to Charge a setup fee, enter the amount and it will be added to your one page checkout.



You are selling a web design service for $2,000. In addition to your standard web design fees, it is also required to register the domain, set up the hosting and migrate the existing content. This is a one-off service, which is not included in the design fees but is required for you to provide the design service. In this case, you could charge an additional $500 setup fee to cover the costs incurred.

Other use cases for the setup fee

Since Checkout Page allows full customization of your one page checkout, you may choose to rename the labels and repurpose the fees charged.

Here is an example of another use case for the setup fee.

Charging sales tax

Currently, Checkout Page doesn’t support adding a sales tax to your checkout. However, you could do it manually by renaming the setup fee field and adding the appropriate sales tax as the amount.

In this case, the applicable tax would have to be calculated manually and entered as a fixed amount. Please note that it cannot be multiplied based on the quantity sold, e.g. selling multiple products in the same one page checkout.

To change the label for Charge a setup fee, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and click on a checkout you’d like to edit
  2. Go to Design tab and open Custom labels

  1. Find Setup fee and rename it

  1. Save and preview your checkout

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