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Third Party Analytics and event tracking

Third Party Analytics and event tracking

Add third party analytics and event tracking to your checkout pages, simply by pasting in your tracking codes.

You can add tracking codes to Checkout Page to keep track of events and conversions.

It allows you to measure how many of your visitors become customers, how your ads are performing and how people behave on your checkout pages.

Out of the box, we track visits, referrals, number of sales and total volume. You can find these analytics by viewing your checkouts > click on the Payments button for any of the checkouts > click on Analytics.

To add tracking from other services, such as Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you can add the tracking codes to your checkout.

Adding tracking codes to your checkout

This is how you add tracking codes to your checkout:

  1. Copy the tracking code that you need to add

  2. Open your Checkout Page dashboard

  3. Go to Checkouts

  4. Edit the checkout you want to add the tracking code to

  5. Go to Settings

  6. Open Third Party Analytics

  7. Paste the tracking code

Third Party Analytics

We automatically insert the tracking codes into the `head` of the checkout.

Tracked events

We automatically track 3 events for Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. These events are

  • enter: whenever someone visits your checkout

  • checkout: whenever someone completes the checkout

  • exit: whenever someone leaves the checkout (also after purchase)

The checkout event contains the following information:

  • value: final purchase amount

  • currency: currency of the checkout

  • checkout: ID of the checkout

For Facebook Pixel, you will see a "Purchase" event instead of "checkout"

Once you add a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytis or Google Tag Manager tracking code to your checkout, we will automatically start tracking the above events — no additional setup required.

If you wish to track other events or track with other services, let us know via

Tracking custom events

If you've added the checkout as an embed or pop-up to your site, you can add your own custom event tracking with JavaScript.

The checkout embed and pop-up uses `Window.postMessage` to expose events to your site. You can use `Window.addEventListener('message', ...)` to access and use events in any way you want.

The event exposes the following information:

  • seller: your business name slug

  • checkout: the checkout's slug

  • type: "checkoutpage.event"

  • payload

    • event

      • enter

      • checkout

      • exit

    • value: final purchase amount

    • currency: currency of the checkout

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