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How do I disconnect my Stripe account?

How do I disconnect my Stripe account?

In this article, we’ll help you disconnect your Stripe account from Checkout Page.

If you want to connect to a different Stripe account or disconnect completely, you need to Revoke access.

Please note: Disconnecting your Stripe account will disrupt your payment processing.

How do I disconnect my Stripe account?

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and go to Settingsimage-0a6a3c.png

  2. Go to Stripe & payouts and click Revoke accessimage-984da8.png

  3. On the Stripe dashboard, find Checkout Page and click to Revoke access


  4. When a new window pops up, click the Revoke button again to confirm


  5. Access to Stripe has been revoked

Learn how to connect with Stripe here

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