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Subscription status

In this help article, we’ll show you an overview of different types of subscription status on Checkout Page and Stripe.

What is a subscription status?

Whenever someone attempts to subscribe to your checkout, a subscription is created on Checkout Page and on Stripe. Once this is done, we’ll attempt to collect payment for that subscription.

From the moment your subscription has been created, it is automatically given a subscription status, which is then updated as your customer moves through the process. This helps business owners like you keep track of your subscribers and manage their access to your services.

Types of subscription status

Checkout Page uses a variety of subscription status types to ensure that your subscription status is always up to date.


Incomplete subscription status means that a subscription signup has been attempted, but no payment has been collected.

Upon creation of a subscription, by default, it is given the status of Incomplete, and Checkout Page will attempt to collect payment from your customer. Once the payment is successful, its status will move to Active (or Trialing if using trials).

Some payments may initially fail for such reasons as incorrect card details provided on the first try. If these are corrected within the session, this same subscription will be moved to Active.

If the customer leaves the checkout and attempts to subscribe again, a new subscription will be created.

Incomplete expired

When someone attempts a subscription signup and doesn’t finalise the payment within 24 hours, the subscription signup expires.

Subscriptions with status Incomplete will move to Incomplete expired after 24-48 hours.


If a subscription with a trial has been successful, its status will change to Trialing indicating that a trial has started. It will remain in this status until the end of the trial.


When using the subscription start date feature, the subscription will start at a future date.

A successful signup with a future subscription start date will have its Checkout Page status as Scheduled.

The same subscription on Stripe will be marked as Trialing until.

Learn how to view your subscription start date here


When a subscription has been created and the payment has been collected, its status is Active.


This subscription status applies to payment plan subscriptions that are based on a fixed amount of payments.

Once all the payments have been collected, the subscription status on Checkout Page will change to Completed.


Your payment plan consists of 4 payments. After the 4th payment, its status will change to Completed.

At the same time, this subscription status on Stripe will change to Canceled.

Past due

This subscription status of Past due means that the most recent invoice (except the very first one) has failed or hasn’t been attempted.

You can manage your failed payment retries and rules in your Stripe Billing dashboard.


Canceled status means that the subscription has been canceled either by you, your customer or due to continued unsuccessful payments.

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