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How do I connect with Stripe?

How do I connect with Stripe?

In this article, we’ll help you connect your Stripe account to Checkout Page.

Checkout Page works with Stripe for secure and encrypted payment processing.

To start selling on Checkout Page, you must connect with Stripe.

Connect with Stripe

  1. Click on your business name on the bottom-left of your Checkout Page dashboard and then choose Settings


  2. Go to Stripe & payouts and click Connect with Stripe


  3. You are now directed to Stripe to log into your account (if you haven't yet)

  4. Select the account you'd like to connect to Checkout Page and click Connect

  5. image-697b.png

    Fill out the details if you haven't fully set up your Stripe account yet

  6. You will be automatically redirected back to Checkout Page

  7. Now your account is connected to Stripe

Learn how to disconnect from Stripe here

Create a subaccount on Stripe

In some cases, if your existing Stripe account is already connected to another platform, you may need to create a new Stripe subaccount.

You will see this when connecting to Stripe as per the steps above.

If Step 4 requires you to create a new Stripe account, you can click the first Create button to reuse your business information and create a subaccount instead.


A subaccount is a separate Stripe account that is connected to your main Stripe account, and it allows you to track payments and payouts for each platform separately.

This new subaccount will share a legal entity and reuse the verification and information from your existing Stripe account.

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