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Add Checkout Page to Mailchimp

In this help article, you will learn how to add Checkout Page to your Mailchimp website.

With Checkout Page, you can easily create a one page checkout and add it to your site in different ways.

Here are the instructions for Mailchimp.

Add a Buy button

  1. Open the Site Builder on Mailchimp
  2. Click on any button in your layout or add a new section including a button
  3. From the button menu, select the first icon to add a link
  4. Open your Checkout Page dashboard, click on the checkout you’d like to link to and then Share & embed on the top right corner
  5. Copy the Payment link
  6. Back on Mailchimp, paste this link into the URL field and save
  1. Double-click on the button text to edit it
  2. Click Done to save and Publish your page

At this time, Mailchimp users can only add a Buy button linking to your checkout on Checkout Page.

Mailchimp does not support any custom HTML needed for your checkout pop-up or embed.

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