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How and when do I get paid?

How and when do I get paid?

In this help article, we’ll show you how to view and manage your Stripe payouts.

Checkout Page is a one-page checkout and payment platform that works with Stripe for secure and encrypted payment processing.

To start selling on Checkout Page, first, you must connect with Stripe.

Learn how to connect with Stripe here

Using Stripe for payouts

Once you connect your Checkout Page with Stripe, the proceeds of each sale will be deposited into your Stripe account.

Checkout Page doesn’t store any of your funds – payouts go into your Stripe account immediately.

Receiving payouts to your bank account

To receive payouts to your bank account, you need to add your bank account information on Stripe.

You can add or edit your bank account information in Payout settings on your Stripe dashboard.

Stripe currently supports both traditional and virtual bank accounts.


Learn more about adding bank account information to Stripe here

Payout schedule

You can view your payout schedule on your Stripe dashboard. In supported countries, the default payout schedule is daily, but you can change it to weekly, monthly or manual payouts.

Your payout schedule is affected by Stripe’s payout speed in your country and your type of business. Payout speed is the time it takes for your funds to be available.


View Stripe’s payout speed per country here

Stripe also offers Instant payouts, though they are not immediately available to new Stripe users. You can check your eligibility for Instant payouts on your Stripe dashboard.

Learn more about Instant payouts here

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