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One-click upsells FAQ

One-click upsells FAQ

Here we answer all the frequently asked questions about one-click upsells.

Can I change the "No thanks, I don’t want this text displayed" on one-click upsell?

Yes, you can change this text to anything you want under Design and then Custom labels.

What types of checkout pages can be used as one-click upsells? 

You can use One-time, Subscription, Payment plan and Pay What You Want checkout pages as post-purchase upsells in your sales funnels.

Can customers use Apple Pay and Google Pay to pay for one-click upsells? 

Yes, you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment methods for one-click upsells.

Can a one-click upsell checkout sell physical and digital products?

Yes, you can sell physical and digital products as one-click upsells.

Can a one-click upsell checkout sell product variants? 

Yes, you can sell product tiers or product variant options as part of a one-click upsell. 

Can a one-click upsell have a trial or start date? 

Yes, for Subscription or Payment plan one-click upsells, you can offer a free trial or set a start date for when the subscription starts.

Can a one-click upsell have a setup fee? 

Yes, you can also charge a one-time setup fee as part of a post-purchase upsell. 

Can a one-click upsell have a coupon code applied to it?

Yes, you can add a coupon code to your one-click upsell so that your customers can apply a discount when checking out.

Can additional payment methods other than cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay be used to pay for one-click upsells?

No, only cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay can be used as payment methods for post-purchase upsells.

Can a customer share the URL of a one-click upsell?

Yes, however, this new customer would have to enter their details to make a purchase. 

Can a customer return to a one-click upsell at a later date and accept the offer without needing to re-enter their card details? 

It depends!

First, the customer would need to be able to access the upsell offer via a URL (when using upsell > new page) or via a payment link (when using upsell > next checkout).

The upsell offer is stored as a cookie in your customer's browser. The offer will be available to the customer as long as the cookie exists.

When the cookie no longer exists, or the customer has accepted or rejected the offer, the upsell will be displayed as a regular checkout, meaning the customer would need to re-enter their card details.

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