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How do I send an email confirmation after successful checkout?

How do I send an email confirmation after successful checkout?

This help article will cover how you can send an email confirmation to your customers after a successful checkout and how you can customize your emails.

Email confirmation

You can choose between the following options:

  • Default email
  • Custom email
  • No email

Default email

To preview the default email, click Preview and the default confirmation will be shown on the right.

Our default email confirmation thanks your customer and provides a breakdown of their purchase.

You cannot change the content of the default confirmation.

Custom email

Check Custom email to send a custom email to your customers after successful checkout.


  • Used as your email subject line
  • Required and cannot be left blank

Email body

  • Optional
  • Supports HTML

We recommend using your custom confirmation email to thank your customers, give them a breakdown of their purchase and let them know about any next steps.

To preview your custom email, click Preview and the custom email confirmation will be shown on the right.

Click Save to save your changes.

HTML support

You can add HTML to your email body to design your email and add links.

Unfortunately, Checkout Page cannot support HTML added to your email body.

No email

Checking No email will stop an email confirmation from being sent to your customers.

This option can be useful if you want to follow up with your customers in a different way.

Send test email

For both Default email and Custom email, you can send yourself a test email at any time.

This is a great way to see how the email looks and check you’ve included all the information your customers need.

Click Send test email to send a test email to the address of your Checkout Page account.

You cannot change the recipient of this test email.

Test emails will be sent to recipients added under Payment notification emails.

There is no limit to the number of test emails you can send to yourself.

Custom email confirmation field data variables

You can dynamically insert product, customer, and payment information in your custom email confirmation using field data variables.

Default field data variables

The following data variables are always available.

  • Product title
  • Product amount
  • Payment date
  • Payment status
  • Payment method
  • Order ID
  • Customer portal
  • Customer email address
  • License key (if enabled)
  • SKU

If you add custom fields to your checkout, a data variable will be available for each custom field.

Field data variables example

You added a custom text field with the label Name.

Name would now be available for you to use as a field data variable in your custom email confirmation. See below.

Hey {Name}!

Thanks for your order of {Product title}.

Amount paid: {Product amount}

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