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Add Google Analytics to Checkout Page

Add Google Analytics to Checkout Page

In this help article, you will learn how to add Google Analytics to your checkouts on Checkout Page.

Many sellers choose to use Google Analytics to better understand their customers and improve the conversion rate of their checkouts.

It is a great way to collect data about your customers' behavior and identify trends that would let you make data-driven decisions.

Using Google Analytics, Checkout Page will automatically track two custom events:

  • enter - whenever someone visits your checkout

  • checkout - whenever someone completes your checkout

You can see the events categorized under the event name: checkoutpage-{{checkoutId}}.

The checkout event will also contain:

  • value - the final purchase amount

  • currency - the currency of your checkout

  • orderId - the ID of your customer's order

Instructions to add Google Analytics to Checkout Page

Here's how to add Google Analytics to your Checkout Page:

  1. Open your Google Analytics dashboard and Set up data stream


  2. Navigate to the Admin tab on the bottom left menu and open Data Streams


  3. Click on your stream and scroll down to View tag instructions


  4. Choose Install manually and copy your Google Tag


  5. Go to Checkout Page and click on your checkout

  6. Open Settings and paste the tag under Third party analytics


  7. Click to Save and that's it!

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