Take payments on your WordPress site

Sell digital downloads, products, professional services and subscriptions with conversion-driven checkouts

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One page checkout on your Wordpress site, without code or plugins

Create custom checkout pages and payment pop-ups to sell products and services on your site, without technical knowledge

Increase conversions

Keep your customers engaged during the entire checkout process by selling directly from your landing pages

Sell directly on your website

Sell on your website with the payment pop-up, embed payment forms on your landing pages or link to hosted checkout pages.

One-off payments and subscriptions

Sell subscriptions, digital downloads, physical products, software, classes, merchandise, donations and more.

About WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used platforms to create websites with. It is a content management system with which you can build and maintain all sorts of websites. It comes with many available themes and plugins, allowing you to create websites without writing code. The software is open source and free to use. However, for many advanced features there are paid themes and plugins.

WordPress is easy to start with, even for beginners. Because you can install many themes and plugins, it is possible to build and maintain a custom website without needing a developer.

A WordPress website starts with a theme of your choice (free or paid) to which you add can many plugins to add features you need for your site. You can pick a theme that you like the design of, or a theme that offers a lot of customization so that you can create your own layouts. If you are a developer or work with a developer, you can also create your own themes.

Many existing themes are free, although more sophisticated themes usually cost between $20 and $60. The WordPress editor lets you create your webpages and blog posts. Plugins let you add additional functionality such as adding a contact form, having your site and content checked for SEO, embedding google maps and adding a payment integration to sell products on your site. Some plugins are free, but for advanced features you often need to pay. Plugins can significantly slow down your website, so always keep in mind that you only add what you need, update plugins regularly and remove plugins you no longer need.

Take payments on your WordPress site

There are a variety of plugins available to sell products on your WordPress site. Many business owners use WooCommerce to start an online store. While WooCommerce is an amazing plugin that adds a lot of ecommerce functionality to your site, it’s not for everyone. WooCommerce is great if you’re starting an online store with a large number of products, categories, a shopping cart et cetera.

But for many businesses, that’s not the case. You may be selling a handful or products, or even just one product. Perhaps it’s not even a physical product, but a downloadable file or a subscription. In such cases, a full-blown ecommerce store is overkill. It will take a lot of time to set up, and slow your website down significantly.

Checkout Page lets you create one-off checkout pages in no-time. You can create different payment flows for each product you sell. These checkout pages can be embedded on your website, used in a pop-up modal or linked to with buy buttons.

Checkout Page doesn't rely on WordPress or on additional plugins. You’ll find all available functionalities included in the product, with the option to extend to other services via Zapier. With the hosted payment page or payment pop-up, visitors can easily purchase your products or services on your site.

Payment pop-up

Sell directly on your site with the payment pop-up.

Payment pop-up example
Explore payment pop-up

Payment links

Sell anywhere by linking to your payment form from your site, email or socials.

Payment page example
Explore payment page

In short, by using Checkout Page to take payments on your WordPress site, you don’t need a bulky e-commerce store. Instead you’ll sell your products quickly and easily to your customers.

Customizable payment flows

Works out of the box, customize to your needs

Digital downloads

Customers download digital products directly after payment or form submission and can access their purchases in your customer portal

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License keys

Sell access to software and mobile apps by letting Checkout Page generate and send license keys to your customers

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Collect customer details

Collect customer details with custom form fields to collect preferences, shipping details and more. Use the Zapier integration to integrate with thousands of other apps.

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The best choice to sell on WordPress

Most ecommerce stores are complicated and bulky. There are many distractions. We believe that a conversion driven approach to ecommerce performs best. With Checkout Page, you don’t need an ecommerce store. Instead, your customers buy your products directly on your landing pages.

The benefits of using Checkout Page on WordPress

  • Sell your products and services directly on your WordPress site
  • Easily sell subscriptions, digital downloads, physical products, professional services and more
  • Checkout Page is separate from WordPress, meaning you can take your checkouts with you if you move away from WordPress
  • Let your visitors pay directly on your website in a one page checkout without distractions or multi step forms
  • You don’t need technical knowledge; Checkout Page is easy to use, without code
  • Predictable pricing based on usage
  • Use Stripe for payments — connect your own Stripe account
  • You'll reach an actual human when you contact us, and we love to help! Check out the help center for detailed guides.
  • Customize your payment form to collect additional information; useful for custom orders, newsletter signups and targeted offers

What can you sell on WordPress with Checkout Page?

With Checkout Page you can sell digital and physical products, subscriptions and software on your WordPress website. A few examples:

  • Digital downloads: e-books, whitepapers, icon sets, plugins and online (video) courses
  • Physical products: products you package and ship by mail
  • Subscriptions: Memberships, subscription boxes and software
  • Professional services: One-on-one coaching, workshops

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