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How to sell digital downloads

How to sell digital downloads

In this help article, we’ll cover selling digital downloads directly from your checkout.

Selling digital downloads

Checkout Page makes selling digital downloads easy. Create a checkout, upload your files and you’re ready to start selling.

How to add files for download

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and click Create checkout

  2. Fill in your checkout details and click Create checkout


  3. In the Product tab, scroll down to Downloads


  4. Click Upload files or drag and drop your files onto the box

  5. Wait for your files to upload

  6. Now your downloads have been added to your checkout!

Downloads can be added to any checkout:

  • One time

  • Subscriptions

  • Payment plan

  • Pay what you want

  • Lead capture (becoming a lead magnet)

Learn more about creating lead magnets

Download your file

After your file has finished uploading, click the Download button to check that you’ve uploaded the right file.


Edit your file name

Click the Edit button to change the name of your file.


Often file names contain a jumble of words and numbers.

We recommend making your file name easy for your customers to read.

Removing your file

Click the trash can button to delete your file.


While this cannot be undone, you’re free to reupload the files or replace them with a new version.

Update your file

Delete your old file & replace it with a new version.

This new version will now be available for your customers to download.

We do not automatically notify your customers about file updates.

Please contact your customers and let them know there is an updated file for them to download via their customer portal.

Files supported

All file types are supported.

Number of files

There is no limit to the number of files you can upload.

Size of files

While there is no file size limit, we recommend uploading files no larger than 1GB in size.

How do my customers access their downloads?

After successful checkout, your customer can access their downloads in three different ways:

  • Through View downloads from their checkout confirmation screen

  • Clicking Access your downloads here from their payment confirmation email

  • Logging into their customer portal and downloading their files

Checkout confirmation screen

Your customers can click View files after successful checkout.

This will redirect them to their customer portal to download their files.

Payment confirmation email

Your customers can click Access your downloads here from their payment confirmation email.

This will redirect them to their customer portal to download their files.

Please note that if you send a custom email confirmation, it’s important to include a customer portal link so your customers can access their downloads.

Customer portal

Your customers can log in to their customer portal and download their files from here.

Your customers will find links to their customer portal in their payment confirmation email.

Learn more about the customer portal here

Downloads for inactive subscribers

By default, downloads become unavailable to your subscribers if their subscription becomes inactive (canceled or expired).

However, it is possible to make downloads available to your inactive subscribers by checking Enable access to downloads for inactive subscriptions.

Click on a subscription checkout from your Checkout Page dashboard, then go to the Settings tab and open Downloads to select this.


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