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Lead capture

In this help article, we’ll cover how you can use Checkout Page to create lead capture forms without any purchase needed.

Capture leads

Checkout Page makes capturing leads easy. Create a checkout, select Lead capture and you’ve just created a one page lead capture form!

Create a lead capture form

  1. Create a checkout
  2. Choose Lead capture under Pricing
  3. Click Create checkout to continue
  4. Scroll down to add Downloads and create a lead magnet (optional)

image-0e9f.png 5. From Fields tab, Add custom field for the information that you wish to capture (Name, company name, email, etc) 6. image-8392.png

Now you’ve created a lead capture form!

Create a lead magnet

For more information on creating lead magnets, please read our dedicated help article linked below.

Learn more about creating lead magnets

Notifications after submission

You will receive a submission confirmation email containing your new lead's contact information.

Your new lead will also receive a confirmation email of their submission.

If you want to send your new lead a custom email or turn emails off, navigate to After payment and then Email confirmation to select from the following options:

  • Default email
  • Custom email
  • No email


Contacting new leads

After successful submission, you can find your lead's contact information in two different ways:

  • You will receive a submission confirmation email with your lead’s contact information
  • Under Payments, every submission will have its own payment page that contains your lead’s contact information


Integrating Checkout Page with your CRM, email marketing, or other apps

Using our Zapier integration, you can connect Checkout Page with hundreds of popular apps.

Integration examples

  • Update your CRM to add a new lead after a successful submission
  • Update your email marketing app with a new contact after a successful submission

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