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One-time pricing

In this help article, we’ll cover how you can use one-time pricing in your checkouts.

How to create one-time pricing

One-time pricing is great for selling digital downloads, products, and services.

Simply create your checkout and select One-time as your pricing.

  • Create a checkout
  • Select One-time as your pricing
  • Add your Amount under Price
  • Select your Currency
  • Click Create checkout
  • Now you’ve created a checkout with one-time pricing!

Discounted pricing

You can choose to add the original price of your product to show the discount you're offering.

Tick Add discounted from price and enter the original price of your product.

Things to note

  • Your customer will be charged immediately at checkout
  • Amount cannot be zero
  • The minimum Amount is US$ 1 or equivalent in your currency of choice

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