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Bulk discounts

Offer bulk discounts to your customers.

Checkout Page makes it possible to apply bulk-discounts to purchases, depending on the quantity ordered.

Bulk discounts make it possible to:

  • Apply a % discount when a customer orders more than X number of items
  • Set discount tresholds, for example 10% discount when ordered more than 3 items, and 20% discount when ordering more than 10 items
  • Apply discounts up to a maximum number of items, for example 20% discount when ordering 5-10 items, but no discount when ordering 11 or more items.

To use bulk discounts, you should also add a Quantity field to your page.

NB: Bulk discounts are currently only available for one-off payments

Setting up discount rules

Find the Bulk Discount settings in your Page's Settings tab and click on 'Discounts' to scroll down.

Click '+ Add discount rule' to add a discount rule.

  • Min. quantity: the quantity from which the discount is applied
  • Max. quantity: the quantity until which the discount is applied
  • Discount %: percentage discount to apply

Add bulk discount rule

Adding multiple discount rules

You can add multiple discount rules to add different discounts for different order quantities. We automatically apply the discount rule for the highest min. quantity.

Add multiple bulk discounts

Communicating discounts to your customers

Currently, applied discounts are communicated by updating the price in the buy button and the price on the top of the checkout. If you wish to communicate available discounts to your customers, we recommend adding your discount rules to the Product description.

Discounts product description

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