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Invite team members

In this help article, we'll show you how to invite your team members to Checkout Page.

As a part of the Checkout Page premium plans, you can now invite up to 10 team members to join your Checkout Page account.

Your team members will have access to all the same Checkout Page features that you do, except the administration of the account.

You as the admin and creator of the account are the only one who can invite new team members or revoke someone else's access.

Please note: To invite your team members to share your Checkout Page account, your account must be on either Grow or Scale plan.

How to invite your team members?

  1. From your Checkout Page dashboard, click on your company name on the bottom left and then go to Team members


  2. Enter your team member's email address in the Email field and click Invite


  3. Now your team members can accept the invitations in their mailbox and join your Checkout Page account!

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