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Apply your coupon to a specific checkout

Apply your coupon to a specific checkout

In this article, you will learn how to limit your coupon code to a specific checkout.

Yes, you can set your coupon code to be applicable to any specific one page checkout.

You can set limits while creating your coupon code.

Please note: Once your coupon has been created, it cannot be edited. But you can delete it and create a new one.

Learn how to create a coupon here

You can set multiple redemption limits for each coupon code.

Learn more about redemption limits here

Limit the coupon to specific checkouts

You can choose to limit your coupon to specific checkouts only.

You can limit your coupon to one or multiple checkouts at the same time.

  1. Click Create coupon from the Coupons tab on the dashboard

image-4f1b.png 2. Scroll down to Redemption limits and tick the checkbox to Limit the coupon to specific checkouts

image-c7a7.png 3. Find a checkout by clicking into the text box and starting to type.

  • To remove a checkout, click the X on the right side.

Once you have set the redemption limits, finish creating your coupon by clicking Create coupon and you will return to the dashboard.

Remember, your coupon cannot be edited after it has been created.

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