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Set coupon redemption limits

Set coupon redemption limits

In this help article, you will learn to limit how your coupons can be used.

To start, click Create coupon from the Coupons tab on the dashboard.

You will find the Redemption limits at the bottom of the coupon form.

There are three types of Redemption limits that can be set while creating your coupon.

For each coupon code, you can choose one or multiple redemption limits at the same time.

Learn how to create a coupon here.

Limit the number of times the coupon can be redeemed

Maximum redemptions are the total amount of times your coupon code can be used across all customers.

This does not stop any customer from redeeming your coupon code multiple times.

Checkout Page does not offer any redemption limitations per customer.

Limit the date range in which the coupon can be redeemed

You can set a date range during which your coupon code will be valid.

To set the date range, tick this checkbox and select Redeem by date and time.

Your coupon will be active immediately until the date and time you set for it to be redeemed by.

The time you select is in the time zone of your account.

Limit the coupon to specific checkouts

You can choose to limit your coupon to specific checkouts only.

  • Check Limit the coupon to specific checkouts
  • Click into Find a checkout and select your checkout (type to search)
  • To remove a checkout, click the X on the right side.

You can limit your coupon to one or multiple checkouts at the same time.

Remember, your coupon cannot be edited after it has been created.

After setting the redemption limits, finish creating your coupon by clicking Create coupon and you will return to the dashboard.

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