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Sell on your Instapage landing pages with customizable checkouts

Sell digital products, events, subscriptions and services on Instapage without an ecommerce store. No developer needed.

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Checkout page pop-up. Sell digital downloads, subscriptions, goods & services.

The most flexible Instapage payment integration for selling digital products, events & professional services

Checkout Page’s customizable one-page checkouts work with Stripe for secure payment processing, can be tailored to your business needs & added to your Instapage landing pages in minutes, no developer needed.

Checkout Page pop-up. Sell digital downloads, subscriptions, goods & services.
Checkout Page lets us sell products in an instant. Setting up and integrating is a piece of cake and requires almost no technical knowledge.
Jules Holleboom
Royal Dutch Cycling Union

Everything you need to sell digital products & services with Instapage

Custom checkout form & labels

Add quantity selection, text boxes, dropdown selects & checkboxes

Your logo & colors

Make your checkout match your branding & site design

Checkout pop-up

Add checkouts as pop-ups to your site (copy-paste setup)

Website embed

Embed checkouts on your web pages (copy-paste setup)

Reusable payment links

Send customers to your checkout to take payments

One-page checkouts

Single step shopping experience for your customers

Digital downloads

Offer downloads after successful checkout or lead capture

One-time payments

Sell digital products & services & offer sale pricing


Sell daily/weekly/monthly plans & offer trial periods

Pay what you want

Let your customers decide how much to pay

Lead capture forms

Convert your visitors into leads

Product variants & upsells

Offer options & extras from your checkout

Discount codes

Create unique promotional codes that are redeemable at checkout

Custom payment confirmation email

Send your customers a thank you email & payment receipt

Redirect after payment

Send your customers to a new page after checkout

Zapier integration

Connect your customer & payment data with your CRM, email marketing & other tools

I highly recommend Checkout Page for any solo, non-techie founders! Customer support is incredibly fast and they’re always iterating their service based on feedback :)
Christina Pashialis

About Instapage

Instapage lets you create standalone landing pages that work besides your main website or ecommerce store. These pages are highly focused to prevent your customers from getting distracted by the rest of your site.

Instapage helps you create these landing pages without a developer. This way, you easily create responsive post-click landing pages that match your brand.

Additionally, Instapage offers a vast selection of tools and features to optimize your landing pages and improve how it performs. Many of the tools Instapage offers will help you retain your visitors and increase conversions on your landing pages.

Taking payments on Instapage with Checkout Page

Checkout Page lets you offer your products and services directly on your Instapage landing pages. Just like Instapage, Checkout Page is easy to set up without technical knowledge. You create a checkout page or pop-up in minutes and add it to your Instapage site. Easy and accessible, for you and your customers.

Made your visitors enthusiastic about your product or services? Once they hit that buy button, they’ll see your payment pop-up or payment page where they enter their payment details to complete the purchase.

The best choice to sell on Instapage

Most ecommerce stores are complicated and bulky. There are many distractions. You know best that a conversion driven approach to ecommerce performs best. With Checkout Page, you don’t need an external ecommerce store. Instead, your customers buy your products directly on your landing pages.

The benefits of using Checkout Page on Instapage

  • Easily sell subscriptions, digital downloads, physical products, software, online and in-person classes, accept donations and more
  • Sell your products and services directly on your website or use the standalone, hosted payment pages
  • Let your visitors complete their purchases directly on your landing pages, without additional steps or distractions
  • Easily integrate into Instapage, no coding experience needed
  • Customize your payment form to collect additional information; useful for custom orders, newsletter signups and targeted offers

What can you sell with Checkout Page?

With Checkout Page you can sell digital and physical products, subscriptions and software. For example:

  • Digital downloads: e-books, whitepapers, icon sets, plugins and online (video) courses
  • Events: in-person and online events
  • Physical products: products you package and ship by mail
  • Subscriptions: Memberships, subscription boxes and software
  • Professional services: One-on-one coaching, workshops

Combine Instapage’s tools with Checkout Page

Go even further by combining Instapage’s tools with Checkout Page. This way you’ll make the most out of your checkout pages.

  • Personalisation: Create distinct landing pages for each target audience, and combine them with distinct checkout pages. Make the entire purchase experience match your target audience to sell more.
  • Experiment: Use Instapage’s A/B testing and heatmaps tools to improve the conversion of your landing pages. Combine Instapage’s A/B testing tools with multiple checkouts to test different ways of offering your products and to test different price points. Keep experimenting to find out what works best.
  • Page Speed: Both Checkout Page and Instapage work hard to improve page speed. Pages that load quickly and feel responsive are one of the most important factors at maintaining your visitors attention and preventing drop-offs.

With Instapage you create standalone landing pages for your products and services, which you’ll easily sell with Checkout Page’s payment pages or pop-ups. Easily setup without technical knowledge or code.

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