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Add a price to each variant option

Add a price to each variant option

In this help article, we’ll cover adding a price to each product variant option.

You can sell multiple product types within the same checkout using variants.

Add a price to each variant option

You might want to add a unique price to each of your variant options, for example, different ticket types: General admission or VIP.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Create page from your dashboard and select Checkout

  2. Set the price for your checkout to 0 to only use prices in the product variantsimage-bf6366.png

  3. Head to Variants and Add variant

  4. Add your variantsimage-679872.png

  5. Scroll down to variant Settings and make it Requiredimage-2203a0.png

  6. You can also add a quantity selector (optional)

  7. Click Save

Pro tip: Under variant Layout settings, tick Display as accordion to display all variant options as a dropdown.image-92ab0d.png


Here are some examples of adding a price to each variant.

Event ticket types

  • Adult - Quantity: 1

  • Child (under 12) - Quantity: 2


Online courses

  • Private class - Quantity: 1

  • Group lesson - Quantity: 2


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