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Custom text labels and translation

Custom text labels and translation

In this help article, we’ll cover how you can customize or translate the text labels in your checkout.

Customizing text labels

Here's how you can customize/translate your checkout text labels:

  • Click Create checkout from your dashboard
  • Add your Product name
  • Add your Price
  • Click Create checkout to move to the next steps
  • Visit the Design tab
  • Open the Custom text labels dropdown
  • Scroll down to find the text label you wish to change
  • Replace the default text with your new label text
  • Click Save to see your changes

You can change the following text labels:

  • Sold by
    • “Sold by”
  • Interval count
    • “every”
  • Day interval
    • “day”
  • Week interval
    • “week”
  • Month interval
    • “month”
  • Year interval
    • “year”
  • Sold out
    • “Sold out”
  • Sold out button
    • “Sold out”
  • Discount code
    • “Discount code”
  • Discount code placeholder
    • “Discount code”
  • Discount code apply
    • “Apply”
  • Pay what you want
    • “Pay what you want”
  • Pay what you want placeholder
    • “Pay what you want placeholder”
  • Card
    • “Card”
  • Bancontact message
    • “You’ll be redirected to the banking site to complete your payment.”
  • Pay button
    • “Pay”
  • Subscribe button
    • “Subscribe”
  • Submit button
    • “Submit”
  • Processing payment
    • “Processing payment”
  • View downloads
    • “View downloads”

Translating labels

Whilst we don’t support Checkout Page in any other language than English, it is possible to manually translate your text label into any language.

Field labels

If you wish the change your checkouts field labels, navigate to Fields and you can change the field label text here.

Learn more about adding custom fields

After-payment checkout confirmation and email confirmation

Shown and sent to customers after successful checkout, the text in this message and email can be customized or manually translated into any language.

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Learn how to send an email confirmation here

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