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Learn how to sell online with Checkout Page

Customer portal

In your customer portal, your customers review purchases, manage subscriptions, download files and copy license keys.

Accessing your customer portal

When you sell on Checkout Page, you automatically get your own customer portal.

Your customer portal can be reached via a link which you can find in your dashboard.

To see the link to your customer portal, open Settings from your dashboard and click on the Customer portal.


From the Customer portal tab, you can access your Customer portal or copy the link and share it with your customers.


Sharing the portal with your customers

For your customers to be able to review their purchases at any time, we recommend adding a link to your customer portal to your website or anywhere else your customers would go look to manage their purchases.

Find your customer portal link in your dashboard as per the instructions above.

The customer portal link is added to the default payment confirmation email. If you customize the payment confirmation email, you probably want to include the customer portal link. Use the variable menu to insert the link.

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and click on any checkout

  2. Go to the After payment tab and open Email confirmation


  3. Choose Custom email and click on + to add Customer portal link as the variable


  4. Make sure to Save and send yourself a test email

Customer access

Once your customers click on your customer portal link, they have to enter their email addresses to receive a login link in their email.




Your customers can use your portal to cancel update their payment details or cancel their subscriptions.

Customer portal payment-details

Customer portal subscription


If your products contain files, your customers can download these in your portal.

You can add new files, remove files or update existing files; your customers will automatically get to see the most recent version.

Downloading files

License keys

If your products contain license keys, these become available in the customer portal.

License key customer portal

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