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Pricing & fees

In this help article, we’ll explain our pricing structure of Checkout Page fees and payment processing fees by Stripe.

Checkout Page is a one-page checkout and payment platform that works with Stripe for secure and encrypted payment processing.

To start selling on Checkout Page, first, you must connect with Stripe.

Learn how to connect with Stripe here

Platform fees

Checkout Page does not charge transaction fees and there are no hidden costs.

Our platform fees are volume based, and are billed either monthly or annually (save 25%).

Checkout Page has sales revenue limits for each pricing tier.

Here’s our current platform fee structure:

💸 Founder: $29/month for up to $3K sales per month

💸 Funnel Builder: $59/month for up to $10K sales per month

💸 Strategist: $199/month for up to $20K sales per month

💸 Contact us for a special offer if you’re selling more than $20K in volume every month

Learn more about Checkout Page pricing here

Exceeding monthly revenue limits

You might wonder what happens if you hit your plan sales per month limit…

We’ll never automatically stop you from taking payments if you exceed the limit in your subscription plan. We understand that revenue can go up and down, and it can be hard to predict.

If you exceed the limit of your subscription plan consistently, we will ask you to upgrade to the next plan. If you don’t upgrade, we may charge a 1% overage fee on the revenue above your subscription plan limit.

Stripe payment processing fees

Additionally to our platform fees, Stripe also charges payment processing fees. Those fees vary per merchant region and payment method.

Click here to see pricing and fees based on your specific region

Click here to see pricing and fees based on your customer’s payment method

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