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How to create checkouts

How to create checkouts

In this help article, we’ll cover every step needed to create checkouts.

Create your first checkout

Checkout Page makes it easy to sell digital downloads, subscriptions, products, and services directly from your site or social profiles.

How to create a checkout:

  • Click Create checkout from your dashboard
  • Add your Product name
  • Choose your Pricing
  • Add your Amount under Price
  • Select your Currency
  • Click Create checkout to move to the next steps!

Product name

Name the digital download, subscription, product, or service that you are selling.


Set the price of your product.

You can choose between the following pricing options:

  • One-time
  • Subscription
  • Pay what you want
  • Lead capture

Pricing options

One-time pricing

  • Select when you’re selling digital downloads, products, and services
  • Add your Amount under Price
  • Select your Currency

Learn more about one-time pricing


  • Select when you’re selling subscriptions
  • Add your Amount under Price
  • Select your Currency
  • Choose when the payment Repeats (daily/weekly/monthly/every 3 or 6 months/yearly)
  • Add a Trial period (optional)

If you already have subscription plans in Stripe, check Select existing plan to select from these.

Learn more about subscriptions

Pay what you want pricing

  • Select when you want your customers to decide how much they want to pay
  • Can also be used for accepting donations
  • Add a Minimum amount
  • Or leave blank for no minimum amount
  • Select your Currency

Learn more about pay what you want pricing

Learn more about accepting donations

Lead capture

  • Select when you want to capture leads or create lead magnets
  • Add Downloads to create lead magnets
  • No price

Learn more about capturing leads

Learn more about creating lead magnets

Product details

Now that you’ve created your checkout, it’s time to add more information about your digital download, subscription, product, or service.


Tell your customers what you are selling.

The description text box supports HTML.


Add an image to the top of your checkout.

You can add multiple images to create a gallery for your customers to browse through.

You can upload any image but we recommend a size of 1280 X 720 pixels (4:3 ratio) for the best results.


Add variants to your checkout to sell variations like colors, sizes, and bundles. Using variants, you can upsell directly from your checkout.

Learn more about variants


Upload files for your customers to download after successful checkout.

Learn more about selling digital downloads

Upload files to a Lead capture checkout to create a lead magnet.

Learn more about creating lead magnets

Next steps

Now that you’ve created your first checkout, it’s time to learn more about the next steps:

We’ll cover each of these steps in dedicated help articles. Click the links above to learn more.

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