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Create a coupon code

Create a coupon code

In this article, you will learn how to create coupon codes so that you can offer your customers special discounts.

Create a coupon code

  1. From your dashboard, click Coupons.
  2. Click Create coupon.
  3. Complete the coupon form.
  4. Share your coupon code with your customers.
  5. Now your customers can use this coupon code when they checkout.

Fill out the coupon form


Label is the coupon label you will use for your reference; it won't be visible to your customers.

Example: “First purchase” can be the Label for the coupon code giving a discount on your customers' first purchase.


Code is a combination of numbers and letters you would like your customers to use to redeem the discount.

Here you can enter the code that you will share with your customers.

Example: you could offer 20% off their first purchase with the coupon code FIRST20.

Discount type

Choose your Discount type – either an absolute amount or a percentage.

An Absolute amount is a fixed amount in the currency of your choice, like $25.

Example: setting an absolute amount of $25 will reduce the total price of your customer's purchase by $25.

As of yet, it is not possible to set a minimum purchase value for each discount code.

The Percentage will be calculated based on the value of your customer's purchase.

For example, your customer has a code for 20% off their first purchase. They would like to buy your online course for $50, so entering this coupon code would give them a discount of $10 (which is 20% off $50).

Coupon duration

Select the Duration for your coupon code. This will only apply to subscriptions.

  • Forever (default): the discount is applied for the entire duration of the subscription
  • Once: the discount is applied once
  • Multiple months: the discount is applied for the selected amount of months

Redemption limits

Set the Redemption limits valid for a number of times, a date range or limit it to specific checkouts.

Learn more about the redemption limits here.

Add a discount code field to your checkout

  • Edit a checkout
  • Navigate to Fields
  • Check Allow discount codes on checkout

That’s it, you’ve added a discount code field to your checkout!

You can make a Test Payment to try out your coupon before sharing it with your customers.

Edit a coupon code

Currently, your coupon codes cannot be edited.

Delete a coupon code

To delete a coupon, open the Coupons tab and click on the coupon you would like to delete.

On your selected coupon code page, click the Delete coupon button on the top right corner and confirm to delete it.

Your coupon code cannot be recovered once deleted.

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