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Conditional logic for product variants

Conditional logic for product variants

This help article will show you how to make one variant option depend on another.

Product variants 

You can add variants to your checkout to sell variations like colors, sizes, and bundles. 

Using variants you can also upsell directly from your checkout. 

Follow these steps to add a variant to your checkout:

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and click Create checkout
  2. Fill in your checkout details and click Create checkout
  3. Open the Variants tab to Add variant
  4. image-d300a8.png

Name your variant and add 1 or multiple variant Options 5.


Click Save 6. Repeat to create multiple variants for conditional logic

There is no limit to the number of variants you can add to your checkout. 

Learn more about product variants here

Conditional logic for product variants

Conditional logic for product variants lets you decide which options to display based on your customers' choices.

In other words, the choices for subsequent product variants will be based on another variant's selection.

Example: For a T-shirt, selecting the color “Red” will show all sizes available in this color.

This approach ensures that customers are only shown relevant options, resulting in a personalized shopping experience that fulfills their individual needs.

How to set up conditional logic for product variants?

  1. From your Checkout Page dashboard, click on your checkout and navigate to the Variants tab
  2. Click Add variant and set up at least two product variants


3. Click on a variant that you would like to make conditional and scroll down to open the Settings section



4. Check the option for Show/hide logic to activate the conditional statements for this variant


5. Choose the condition you want to apply, such as "is," "is not," "is empty," or "is not empty"


6. Select the respective Variant and Option

  • In this case, Sizes for red t-shirts variant will only be shown if the selection for T-shirt colors is Red


7. Click Save and test your checkout!

Types of conditional logic

Checkout Page offers four types of conditional logic for product variants.

"is" logic

Show specific options when a customer selects a choice. 

Example: Display available sizes for a selected t-shirt color.

Learn more about “is” logic here

"is not" logic

Display options when a customer doesn't select a specific choice.

Example: Hide a bonus for basic members but show it for premium members.

Learn more about “is not” logic here

"is empty" logic

Show additional options when a pre-selected choice is unselected or empty.

Example: Display an alternative selection if customers remove a pre-selected option.

Learn more about “is empty” logic here

"is not empty" logic

Display specific options when a choice is not empty.

Example: Show map bundles as upsells after selecting a travel guide.

Learn more about “is not empty” logic here

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