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Subscription pricing

Subscription pricing

In this help article, we’ll cover how you can use recurring pricing to sell subscriptions.

Subscription pricing is a rolling payment plan, recurring at the interval of your choice.

Simply create your checkout and select Subscription as your pricing.

How to create subscription pricing

  • Create a checkout
  • Select Subscription as your pricing
  • Set your Amount under Price
  • Select your Currency
  • Select how often the payment Repeats (daily/weekly/monthly/every 3 months/every 6 months/yearly)
  • Check the box to Add discounted from pricing if you wish to show the original price of your subscription (optional)
  • Choose to Offer a free trial and enter the number of days (optional)
  • Tick to Limit the number of payments if you want to automatically end your subscription after a specific number of payments (optional)
  • Click Create checkout
  • Now you’ve created a checkout with subscription pricing!

Discounted pricing

You can choose to add the original price of your subscription to show the discount you're offering.

Select Add discounted from price and enter the original price of your subscription.

Trial periods

Set a period of days where your customers can try your product without being charged.

Tick to Offer a free trial and enter the number of days.

Your customers will be charged as soon as the trial period ends.


Your customer purchases a subscription on May 3 at 14:00 with a 5-day trial period.

Your customer will be charged on May 10 at 14:00.

Limited subscriptions

Limit your subscription to automatically end it after a certain number of payments.

Check the box to Limit number of payments and enter the number of payments you'd like to have.

Things to note

  • Your customer will be charged immediately at checkout unless there is a trial period
  • The Amount cannot be zero
  • The minimum Amount is US$ 1 or equivalent in your currency of choice

Managing customers

You can view your subscription customers on the Subscriptions page.

From your dashboard, navigate to Payments and then Subscriptions to view all your subscribers and their status.

Here you will see the plan a customer has subscribed to and any other information they provided at checkout.

You can click on each subscription to manage it. This will allow you to open the subscription in the Stripe dashboard, where you can make any changes if needed.

Subscription analytics

From your Checkouts page, click on Payments next to your checkout and view Analytics.

Here you will see the statistics for your subscription, like the total number of subscriptions, volume, visits and referrals.

Subscription management for customers

Your customers can manage their subscriptions in your customer portal.

They receive a link to your portal in the payment confirmation email.

To see the link to your customer portal, open Settings from your dashboard and click on the Customer portal.

A customer can access your customer portal by filling in their email address. They will then receive an email with a link that provides access to the portal for 20 minutes.

Learn more about the customer portal here.

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