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Accept multiple payment methods (Beta)

Accept multiple payment methods (Beta)

Accept payments through cards, bank debits, redirects, transfers, 'buy now, pay later', real-time payments, vouchers and wallets

Accept multiple payment methods (Beta)

With Checkout Page, you can accept payments through cards, bank debits, redirects, transfers, 'buy now, pay later', real-time payments, vouchers and wallets, increasing your global reach, improving conversion rates, reducing fraud risk, and optimizing transaction costs.

Please note: Multiple payment methods only work on one-time payments at the moment.

To enable multiple payment methods (Beta) on Checkout Page:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on your checkout to edit it

  2. Navigate to Settings, then Payment methods


  3. Select Accept multiple payment methods (Beta)


  4. Go to Payment methods on your Stripe account

  5. Select Checkout Page from the dropdown menu labelled Select your platform


  6. Scroll down to Turn on each additional payment method you wish to accept

As a Checkout Page customer, you may have noticed the label Beta on our Accept multiple payment methods feature. This means that we are still in the process of testing and improving this feature.

While it is available for you to use, it may contain some limitations or bugs that we are working to resolve. We wish to provide you with early access to this feature and gather your feedback but also want to manage your expectations by letting you know that it's still in the testing phase.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to make this feature the best it can be for your business.

Available payment methods 

The categories of payment methods that you can accept through the Checkout Page include:

  • Cards

  • Bank debits

  • Bank redirects

  • Bank transfers

  • Buy now, pay later

  • Real-time payments

  • Vouchers

  • Wallets


When it comes to paying online, cards are one of the most widely used options for both consumers and businesses. They're quick, easy and widely accepted.


Bank debits

Bank debits are a great option for businesses looking to accept payments from other businesses or high-value consumer payments. With this method, your business can directly debit the customer's bank account, but only with their permission.


Bank redirects

Bank redirects are a great option for businesses looking to accept payments online from customers who prefer to use their bank accounts. This method allows customers to easily and securely pay using their bank account, without the need to enter sensitive information.


Bank transfers

Accepting bank transfers is a great way for businesses to receive large payments from other businesses or customers. This method allows customers or other businesses to send money directly to your bank account, making it easy and efficient for both parties.


Buy now, pay later

Buy now, pay later options allow customers to pay in installments, while businesses get paid immediately and in full. This can help increase conversions and attract customers who may not have been able to afford your products or services upfront.


Learn more about Buy now, pay later here

Real-time payments

Real-time payments allow customers to make instant transactions, directly from their bank account or other funding sources, using an intermediary such as a phone number or account to authenticate the transaction.



Vouchers allow in-person completion of online purchases in Asia and Latin America by providing digital vouchers with transaction details at checkout for payment at local stores.



Wallets provide fast, secure payments with saved cards or stored balances, enhancing conversion and lowering fraud, particularly on mobile.


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