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Selling digital downloads

Checkout Page lets you add files to your checkout pages for your customers to download. We store your files securely on our platform and take care of the file delivery. Learn how to add your files, what the customer experience looks like and how to customise.

Adding files to a checkout page

Start by creating a page. This can be either a one-off charge page, or a subscription page. On the Files tab, drag 'n' drop your files or click the box to add files. You can edit the file's title. The title and type will be shown to your customer after purchase.

How can customers access files?

After purchase, customers are shown a 'View downloads' button, that directs them to your customer portal. In the customer portal, customers can review their payment or subscription, and download the files added to the page.

View downloads

Downloading files

The customer will receive a payment or subscription confirmation email containing details of the purchase and a link to the customer portal. Using their email address, they can securely login to the portal at any time. You can find your customer portal link in your Account settings.

Adding, updating and removing files

Any changes you make to files added to a page, will updated those files for all existing purchases. This means that adding new files will make those available for existing customers, and removing files will remove them for existing customers as well.

Customers are not notified of added, updated or removed files; if you wish to notify customers about changes to files, you should do this yourself.

Exceptions and customisations

Checkout Page provides the above defaults to ensure a smooth checkout experience for your customers. If you wish, you can customise some of these settings.

Overriding the Email confirmation message

You can customise the Email confirmation message that is sent to your customers after checkout in the Settings tab (Page > Settings > After payment > Email confirmation message). Once customised, the email will no longer contain a link to your customer portal. You can use the 'Customer portal link' variable to add it.

Redirecting after payment

After succesful payment, you can redirect your customer to a different URL, for example to a 'thank you' page on your own site. You can find this setting in the Settings tab (Page > Settings > After payment > Redirect after payment). When turning on the 'Redirect after payment' option, your they won't see the Checkout confirmation message and the 'View downloads' button. Therefore, for your customer to be able to download the files, you should ensure that your customer has another way to access your customer portal, for example via the URL you redirect them to or via the Email confirmation message.

Hiding the 'View downloads' button

You can hide the 'View downloads' button (Page > Settings > After payment > Show 'View downloads' button). If you decide to hide the 'View downloads' button, you should ensure that your customer has another way to access your customer portal to be able to download the files. You could for example add a link to your customer portal in the Checkout confirmation message, the Email confirmation message or on your own site.

Enable file access for inactive subscriptions

Subscription customers that have subscribed to a page containing files, will only be able to access those files as long as the subscription is active, and no longer when the subcription is inactive (e.g. canceled or expired). You can enable file access for inactive subscriptions by toggling "Enable file access for inactive subscriptions" in your page's settings (Page > Settings > Files > Enable file access for inactive subscriptions).

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