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Set up affiliate and referral programs with Rewardful

Set up affiliate and referral programs with Rewardful

In this help article, you will learn how to set up affiliate and referral programs with Rewardful and Checkout Page.

Integrating Rewardful is a quick way to set up affiliate and referral programs with Checkout Page and Stripe.

All you have to do is create a one-page checkout and add a code snippet from Rewardful. That’s it!

Rewardful automatically tracks referrals, commissions and adjustments for any billing event changes such as downgrades, upgrades, free trials, cancellations and refunds.

Each person who signs up for your program will receive a personalized dashboard where they can create and manage their affiliate links, and stats and see their success.

Follow these steps to set up Rewardful

  1. Create your campaign on Rewardful and complete all sections until Add Rewardful to your website
  2. Choose Checkout Page from the Platform Integrations


3. Copy the code snippet under 1. Add Rewardful to Checkout Page


4. Return to your Checkout Page dashboard and click on your checkout

5. Go to the Settings tab to paste the code snippet under Tracking pixels and Save


6. Back on Rewardful, copy the code from 2. Add Rewardful to the rest of your website


7. Paste this code into the <head> section of every page on your website 9. Complete the campaign setup on Rewardful


Once completed, Rewardful will automatically track all referrals, commissions and any changes in payments, such as cancellations or refunds.

Important: Make sure to complete the last step of the campaign setup in Rewardful titled Adding Rewardful’s tracking to the remainder of your site (non-Checkout Page pages).

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