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How Checkout Page helps you sell

Start selling digital products in minutes - no-code needed

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    Connect your Stripe account

    For secure payment processing. No lock in, you can leave any time.

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    Create checkout pages

    Create checkout pages for your digital products with just a few clicks.

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    Customize everything

    Choose between layouts, add your branding, billing model, upload files, add variants, custom fields, payment methods and more.

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    Accept payments today

    Embed checkout pages on your website and link to hosted payment pages to make sales.

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Janis Ozolins

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"Checkout Page has saved me hours of frustration and hundreds of $$$. Flawless integration with Stripe and Rewardful affiliate program. No transaction fees. I can customize every detail I want without being a computer wiz. When I had a question, customer support experience was excellent."
Create checkout pages for your digital products

Customize your checkout flow from start to finish

Choose between page layouts, add your branding, customize your billing model, upload files, offer product variants, customize fields, choose payment methods, and much more.

  • ✔️ White label branding
  • ✔️ Add custom form fields
  • ✔️ Create bundles, order bumps and 1-click upsells
Payment confirmation for your digital product sales

Your digital products, hosted and delivered with ease

Your customers can instantly download their purchased files and access them anytime through your secure customer portal.

  • ✔️ Upload any type of file (PDFs, ebooks, videos)
  • ✔️ As many files as you need, up to 5GB per file
  • ✔️ Your own customer portal, hosted on your own domain
Offer products variants to create bundles and order bumps for your digitial products

The lowest payment processing fees

Unlike other platforms, we let you connect your own Stripe account and don’t charge any platform fees.

  • ✔️ Lower payment processing fees
  • ✔️ No platform risk — you’re responsible for your own business
  • ✔️ You own the relationship with your customers
Stripe Tax calculates and collects taxs on your digital product sales

Global tax compliance with Stripe Tax

Checkout Page integrates with Stripe Tax to help calculate, collect and report tax on your sales.

  • ✔️ Automatically collect the right amount of tax on your sales
  • ✔️ Stripe Tax monitors and alerts you when you need to collect tax
  • ✔️ Download easy-to-use reports to file your tax returns

A word from our founder

Profile picture of Sander Visser one of the Co-founders of Checkout Page

When you start taking your digital products business seriously, those transaction fees really start to hurt.

It’s easier than ever to start selling digital products on the various platforms that promise to handle everything: website hosting, payments, email marketing, tax compliance.

Successful digital product sellers have two major challenges when they grow:

  • Lots of money lost on platform fees
  • Restrictive platforms that lock you in

That’s why we built Checkout Page—to offer a powerful alternative that gives you full control over your sales and growth, without the exorbitant fees.

We’ve already helped hundreds creators to consistently earn tens of thousands each month, with significantly lower costs.

I would love for you to give it a try. And if you have any questions, just message us on the .

Sander Visser
Co-founder of Checkout Page

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