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Sell event ticket types

Flexible ticket types

Offer any number of ticket types, each with its own price and availability.

Sell event ticket types

Collect booking fees

Collect a booking fee for every ticket sold and keep this revenue for yourself.

Accept event donations

Accept donations

Accept charitable donations to raise funds at your events.

Sell event ticket types

Register guests

Register attendees to collect the information you need to manage your events.

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"Checkout Page has been a game-changer for our event ticket sales. The exceptional support provided by the team has made all the difference, and the impact it has had on our event sales is truly remarkable!"
John Anderson
Events coordinator

How it works

3 simple steps to sell event tickets online - no ticketing fees

  • 1

    Create your event

    Create your event, add your event details and ticket types, and you’re ready to sell tickets

  • 2

    Share and embed

    Share a branded event page or embed a checkout pages on your website to sell event tickets

  • 3

    Boost event sales

    Boost sales with order bumps (VIP upgrades, merchandise, parking tickets & more) at checkout, or with post-purchase one-click upsells

Why Checkout Page

Learn how Checkout Page makes selling event tickets easy

  • Built for all event types

    Whether you're organizing concerts, webinars, retreats, or any other type of event, Checkout Page can help you sell event tickets without fees.

  • Flat monthly cost

    Our pricing is straightforward: a monthly subscription, starting at only $19/month, plus Stripe's processing fee. This way, you keep most of your ticket sales revenue.

  • No contracts or commitments

    We understand that event sales can come with breaks. With our Checkout Page subscription, you have the flexibility to start and stop it on your terms.

  • Fast daily payouts

    You won't have to wait long to access your ticket sales money. Thanks to Stripe, your event ticketing funds typically reach your bank account within 1 business days.

  • Charge and keep fees

    With Checkout Page, you can charge and keep ticketing fees for yourself. We don't take a percentage, only our fixed monthly subscription fee.

  • Live support from founders

    No AI robots here. Get fast, expert support from founders who are committed to helping your business grow.

Event pages

  • Unlimited event listings

    No limits - create and manage as many events as you need.

  • Fully-branded event pages

    Customize your event pages to match your brand and website design. No Checkout Page branding.

  • Sell tickets on your website

    Embed checkout pages to sell ticket sales directly on your own website.

  • Mobile optimized event pages

    Our event pages are optimized for mobile devices, making it easy for your guests to purchase tickets directly from their phones.

  • Promote events with QR codes

    Use QR codes on invitations, flyers, or advertisements that when scanned open your event pages.

  • Onsite ticket sales

    Present a QR code for your guests to scan with their phone and buy tickets at the door.

Event ticket sales

  • Unlimited free and paid tickets

    No limits on the number of event tickets you can sell with no additional fees.

  • Flexible ticket types

    Customize your ticket types and give your guests options to enhance their event experience, such as VIP access and special upgrades.

  • Name your own price tickets

    Allow attendees to choose their ticket price (set min/max price).

  • Accept event donations

    Allow your attendees to make a chartible donation whilst checking out.

  • Discount codes

    Offer promotional discounts to boost your ticket sales.

  • Sell merchandise and products

    Increase revenue by offering merchandise and additional products though order bumps and 1-click upsells.

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I researched ticket-selling platforms, crunching numbers for short and long-term costs and you know what? Checkout Page came out as the clear winner. Creating events is a breeze. I love the straightforward video tutorials and how helpful the founders have been.

What impressed me the most was how user-friendly and cost-effective Checkout Page is. If you're selling event tickets online, I'd highly recommend it.
Chola Vision

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