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Testing payments on your pages

After you create a page, you can make test payments on your page. This allows you to experience what one of your customers would experience when they use your checkout and it helps you while setting up your Page's form fields, variants and other settings.

Test payments in Checkout Page hook into the logic Stripe offers for testing. This means that you can use their test credit cards and that any test payment you make will show up in the test environment of your Stripe dashboard. You can view this by clicking the 'View test data' toggle in the menu.

How do I make test payments?

When you're editing your page, click the Test page button at the top. This will open your page in a new tab in testing mode.

Testing banner You should see this banner at the top of your page.

You can checkout on your form the same way as you imagine your customers would, except you use one of Stripe's test card numbers. The most common one to make a succesful charge using a VISA card is 4242 4242 4242 4242, with any valid expiration date in the future and any random CVC number.

You might notice ?testing=1 in the URL bar. This is how we determine if you're viewing your page in test mode. You can use this query parameter also when you're linking to your page from for example your own website, which allows you to test the complete checkout flow.

Where can I find my test payments?

In the Checkout Page dashboard, one-off test payments are displayed on the Payments - Charges page and in a Page's Sales tab. Subscription test payments are displayed on the Payments - Subscriptions page. Use the 'Show test charges' and 'Show test subscriptions' toggle to display test payments and subscriptions.

In the Stripe dashboard, you can find test payments by clicking the 'View test data' toggle in the menu. This will reload your dashboard entirely with test data, which is really helpful to make sure if your payments and integrations work correctly.

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