10 Digital product ideas for fitness creators

10 Digital product ideas for fitness creators

by Sarah McCunnMar 07, 2024
10 Digital product ideas for fitness creators

With fitness experts and influencers leading the way, the fitness industry has undergone a huge transformation in recent years with a dramatic shift towards online, on demand content.

As a fitness expert or wellness influencer, digital fitness products not only offer a way to monetize your niche expertise and passion — they also help you provide valuable resources to a global audience eager for your guidance!

If you are a budding fitness creator, you are likely looking for fitness digital product ideas and inspiration, and how to navigate the sea of options, products and platforms available to you.

Below, we delve into the realm of digital product ideas for fitness creators, exploring the what, why, and how of setting out into this inspiring and profitable space.

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What is a Digital Product?

In the most basic terms, a digital product is any good or service that is stored, delivered, and used in an electronic format. In the fitness industry, digital products range from downloadable workout plans to subscription-based video tutorials — encompassing a variety of formats to cater to different preferences and fitness goals.

Can I make money selling fitness digital products?

A resounding yes! The industry's move toward digital content has paved the way for fitness creators to earn substantial income selling their expertise in various formats — and the scalability of digital products means that once created, they can be sold to an unlimited number of customers with minimal additional effort.

According to Statistica, The digital fitness & well-being market is estimated to generate US$93.56bn revenue worldwide in 2024, and is projected an annual growth rate of 7.83%, resulting in a market volume of US$126.50bn by 2028.

Some key points to bare in mind if you want to create a successful fitness digital product that serves your audience are:

  1. Know your niche and audience: Be really clear on your expertise and understand the needs and goals of your audience.
  2. Create valuable digital products: Offer solutions to your audience's challenges, with high quality products and clear instructions.
  3. Make the most of your social media: Promote your product organically, use stories and ads, and build an email list.
  4. Choose the right platform: Sell on your website, from your social media account via a single product checkout page, or from your email newsletters and blogs.
  5. Bonus! Offer free samples to showcase your talents and receive valuable feedback enabling you to improve on your offering.
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Digital product ideas for fitness creators

The digital fitness product landscape is truly diverse right now and growing at a lightning pace, and for every product out there, it’s possible to develop further and further into evolving niches.

Let’s look at some of the most popular fitness digital product ideas that content creators, influencers and experts might want to explore:

1. Digital workout plans

If you can create tailored fitness programs and plans that cater to individual goals, preferences, and limitations — you will stand out in a sea of generic fitness guides. Popular formats include PDFs, printable wall charts, and excel planner based workout programs

Screenshot of a Daily Detox calendar plan for sale

2. Nutritional guides and meal plans

With an emphasis on holistic health, providing comprehensive meal plans that complement fitness regimes can add tremendous value for your audience — enabling them to go on a journey with you via eBooks, PDFs and tablet compatible file formats.

Natalie Heso offers a 28 day reset meal plan eBook linking to Checkout Page from her profile, offering recipes, supplement lists and other tips for her audience.

A Checkout Page showing a 28 day Debloat Diet reset

3. Interactive challenges

Engage your community with fitness challenges that encourage participation and accountability. These can range from 30-day yoga challenges to intensive HIIT fitness programs, designed to push your audience towards their fitness goals.

4. E-Learning courses

Dive deep into specific topics like strength training techniques, wellness practices, or nutrition science, offering your audience a structured learning path.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and fitness influencer Daniel Strauss (@raspberry_ape) uses Checkout Page to sell digital fitness courses offering niche instruction to a global audience looking to up-level their BJJ skills

Checkout Page screen for an online course by fitness influencer Raspberry Ape

5. Fitness tracking apps

Develop or collaborate on an app that helps users track their workouts, nutrition, and progress towards their goals. There are a number of no-code app builders on the market, such as Bubble and Glide which mean you can get going on your own!

6. Members-only access

Many fitness creators choose to create a subscription model offering exclusive content, such as live-streamed workouts, Q&A sessions, and advanced workout programs for dedicated followers. It's a highly effective way to build a loyal community and keep tuned in to the needs and desires of your client base.

Woman does squats in front of camera, recording herself

7. Ebooks and guides

Write comprehensive guides on fitness topics you're knowledgeable about, from injury prevention and rehabilitation to maximizing performance in specific sports, however niche your expertise is, this eBook format gives you the opportunity to drill down into the topics you know best.

Sabrina Bawa, an Ayurvedic health coach & writer and wellness influencer uses Checkout Page to sell her healing and detox recipe eBooks.

Detox to Glow Cookbook cover shown with a 'Click Here To Buy The eBook' button

8. Virtual Coaching Services

Does expanding your reach and impact beyond the gym walls sound appealing to you? Offering virtual coaching services allows you to share your expertise and passion for fitness with a wider audience, all while providing a flexible and convenient option for clients. You can tailor personalized workout plans, offer nutritional guidance, and maintain an ongoing connection with clients, motivating them towards their goals regardless of location.

9. Fitness apparel and equipment guides

Fitness content creators, particularly wellness influencers and trainers with established online presences, often create apparel and equipment guides to help their audience navigate the vast and ever-changing world of fitness gear. These guides typically come in various formats, such as videos, social media posts and live stream Q&A sessions.

10. Fitness & wellness podcasts

Monetizing a fitness podcast requires building a loyal audience and offering valuable content they're willing to pay for (or support in other ways). Subscription and pay-per-episode models are popular among fitness creators as are affiliate marketing strategies and sponsorships.

Male fitness creator talks into microphone, wearing headphones in a studio

How do I create a fitness digital product?

If taking a step toward creating digital products is sounding appealing, there are some things to bear in mind when planning and creating your product.The good news is there are many user-friendly creative tools at your disposal - it’s never been more achievable to create professional looking products without professional design experience.

Tools of the Trade:

  • Design software: Tools such as Canva or Visme can help create visually appealing planners, eBooks, and social media graphics.
  • Video editing software: Tools like Fimora or iMovie allow you to create engaging video tutorials and courses.
  • Podcast recording and editing platforms: Audacity or Adobe Audition are great options for recording and editing podcast episodes.

Tips to help you on your creative journey:

  • Done is better than perfect: High standards are great, but perfectionism can really stand in the way of progress, especially as we start out. It's better to create something that’s pretty good and get it out there! Your audience can feedback and help you hone your content over time as you develop your skills in all areas of the process.
  • Templates are your friend: Whether you are creating videos, blogs or social media posts, templates can help you save a lot of time and minimize frustration as you strive to create content. Templates in your editing software will make production less tedious, Instagram presets make your brand cohesive and save you time. Content description and bio templates for YouTube keep things streamlined, and blog post structure templates help with speed and consistency.
  • Delegation: If there is a particular point which keeps tripping you up or slowing you down, either because you don’t have the skills, or simply don’t enjoy doing it, sites like Fiverr offer freelance help at very reasonable costs. Video editing, setting up workflows and sales funnels, voiceover artists — there are many ways you can get the help you need to get moving!

By carefully planning and utilizing the right tools, and planning your time and resources effectively, you can transform your passion into effective digital products that empower your audience on their fitness journeys.

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Where should fitness creators sell digital products?

There are many places where successful fitness creators sell their digital products, and this will be heavily influenced by where you are already in contact with your audience.

Some of the most popular places that fitness creators typically sell their fitness digital products include:

  • Social media platforms: Make the most of your following on platforms like Instagram or YouTube, directing followers to where they can purchase your products.
  • Single product checkout pages: Checkout pages can be launched from an array of places such as websites, newsletters, blogs, social media accounts and more
  • Personal websites: Selling directly through your own website grants you complete control over your product and brand.
  • Online marketplaces: Platforms like Gumroad or Etsy can facilitate the sales process, though they often come with high fees.
  • Fitness-specific platforms: Another option is to use industry-specific platforms that cater directly to fitness audiences, such as Trainerize or TrueCoach, for product sales and delivery.

If you know you’d rather not go the website route, read our article on How to sell digital products without a website

How to sell a fitness digital product with Checkout Page

The beauty of using Checkout Page to sell your digital fitness products online is that you can sell from pretty much anywhere! Single product checkout pages can be launched from QR codes on posters, shared as hosted page links from websites, social media bios, blogs and online community forums, or embedded on web pages with a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at a step-by-step on selling a meal planner on Checkout Page:

Step 1. Start by creating your page, where you can title your product and select from a number of pricing options Step 2. Select the page type that suits you, either a hosted standalone page or a page you can embed into your websiteStep 3. Add an introduction to your product to display on your Checkout Page

Checkout Page form enabling start creating a pageCheckout Page form enabling you to select from hosted page or embed code

Step 4. Add your main product imageStep 5. Add the digital product files that your customers will be downloading from you on purchaseStep 6: Checkout Page offers you a number of ways to design and customize your page’s colors, elements and CSSStep 7: There are many ‘After Payment’ options for customizing the important post purchase experience, such as ‘One Click Upsell’ options to promote other products.Step 8. Checkout Page shows you your handy work in a preview pane as you go!Step 9: When you are ready to go, you can share the link to your Checkout Page, as well as create QR codes and Embed codeAnd with that, you are already off to a flying start — a fully fledged product page ready to promote to and share with your audience, all created in a matter of minutes.

Checkout Page form with a product description inputCheckout Page form showing images uploaded for a product pageCheckout Page file upload form, for adding digital products for customer downloadCheckout Page color selection for designing your pageCheckout Page 'One-click upsell' formCheckout Page preview of meal planner and payment formCheckout Page share and embed form


For fitness influencers, wellness influencers, and fitness content creators, the digital realm offers huge possibilities for sharing your knowledge and passion. By focusing on innovative product ideas, understanding the creation process, and choosing the right platforms for sales, you can build successful digital businesses that not only generate income but also help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Checkout Page is a versatile and cost-effective platform from which to sell digital fitness products from wherever you interact with your audience.

If you’d like to learn more about starting your digital product journey, why not read How to sell digital products with Stripe and Checkout Page

Ready to start selling? Start your free Checkout Page trial—no credit card required.

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