Membership site - tiered pricing model - Stripe subscription

Membership site - tiered pricing model - Stripe subscription

Tiered pricing lets you offer various price options for members, appealing to those who want basic packages and those willing to pay more for extra features and benefits.

Understanding Tiered Pricing for Membership Sites

Tiered pricing is a strategy employed by membership site businesses to offer various membership plans with different levels of access, features, and pricing. This approach allows customers to choose a plan that best suits their preferences and budget, while enabling the business to cater to a wider audience, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

As customers' preferences and interests evolve, tiered pricing often encourages them to explore higher-priced plans over time.

Tiered Pricing Examples for Membership Sites

Membership sites typically utilize tiered pricing structures, offering three or more membership plans, ranging from basic to premium. Different plans may cater to different customer segments, such as individual users, teams, or businesses.

  • Online Courses: An online course platform may provide different pricing tiers based on the number of courses, course categories, and additional resources like live webinars, mentorship, or community access.

  • Fitness Platform: A fitness membership site might offer different pricing tiers depending on the number of workout programs, personalized coaching, and exclusive content, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans.

  • Creative Community: A creative membership site may structure its pricing tiers based on the access to resources, exclusive workshops, and networking opportunities, like basic, professional, and VIP plans.

Creating a Tiered Pricing Model for Membership Sites

To establish a tiered pricing model for your membership site business, consider the following three package types:


  • Provide limited access to attract new customers
  • Primarily serve as an introduction to your membership site for new users
  • Offer a budget-friendly option with satisfactory features without overcharging customers


  • Cater to a larger audience by expanding on the basic tier
  • Include a wider range of features and additional perks compared to the basic tier
  • Showcase the core offerings of your membership site
  • Typically the most popular choice


  • Deliver an exclusive experience and high-value features for clients seeking a "VIP experience"
  • Incorporate advanced access, exclusive content, and special discounts in addition to all lower-tier features
  • Target customers who desire a comprehensive, high-quality solution at a premium price point
  • Represent the most comprehensive offering at the highest price

The Benefits of Tiered Pricing for Membership Sites

Implementing tiered pricing for your membership site business can provide multiple advantages:

  • Expand customer base: Offering various membership plans helps attract a diverse range of clients, increasing the likelihood of acquiring loyal customers.

  • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU): Tiered pricing encourages customers to select higher-priced plans or add-ons, boosting your ARPU.

  • Foster customer loyalty: Customizable membership plans address the unique needs of each customer, resulting in stronger, long-lasting relationships.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Multiple plans enable customers to find the ideal solution for their preferences and budget, leading to increased satisfaction and positive referrals.

Do membership sites make money?

Yes, by implementing a tiered pricing model, you can potentially generate significant revenue from your membership site business. This approach helps you cater to various customer preferences, maximize customer retention, and increase the average revenue per user.

To attract more customers and boost sales, consider adopting tiered pricing for your membership site business. This approach can help you create compelling offers, improve the customer experience, and build a loyal customer base.

By offering customers a variety of pricing packages, you can accommodate a wide range of budgets and preferences, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your membership site business with tiered pricing and witness the benefits firsthand!

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