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Third Party Analytics

Many services provide a way to track conversions, customers and events. Usually these services are implemented via tracking codes. Checkout Page allows you to add these tracking codes to your Checkout Pages, so you can measure how your visitors become customers, how your ads are performing and how people behave on your checkout pages.

Event tracking

Checkout Page also adds event tracking out of the box. Currently we support event tracking for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We currently track three events:

  • enter
  • checkout
  • exit

If you wish to track other events or track with other services, please reach out to

Adding tracking codes to your checkout pages

Adding tracking codes to your checkout pages is easy! We provide a textarea for you to paste your tracking codes in to. You can find this textarea in the 'Third party analytics' section in the Settings tab when editing your page. Simply copy your tracking codes from the service you want to track with, paste the codes into the Third party analytics field and save.

Third party analytics

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