Supercharged product variants, new multiple choice field, improved discount code field and more…

Supercharged product variants, new multiple choice field, improved discount code field and more…

by Andy NelsonJan 10, 2024
Supercharged product variants, new multiple choice field, improved discount code field and more…

We’re excited to announce another new jam-packaged release full of updates to help you sell more.

Let’s jump right in!

Product variants

First on the list, we’ve added several new features to make selling product variants more powerful.

You can now add the following features to your product variant options:

  • Image: Now, each product variant can include an image, adding a visual element to your offerings.
  • Description text: Provide more details for each variant by adding descriptive text.
  • Discounted from price: Set a discounted price with a strikethrough, highlighting the savings to your customers.

This makes each variant option into a mini product, perfect for offering your customers a range of products to choose from, or enticing order bumps.

Grid layouts

For grid layouts, we've increased the number of columns you can use to 12 (previously 5).

This improvement is useful for options like T-shirt sizes or suggested donation amounts.

Or if you upload colored images, and just a little custom CSS, you create a color picker for your customers to choose from.

Product variant billing model

When selling subscriptions, product variant options can now be an additional one-time purchase.

This is great for offering one-time items and order bumps to a subscription plan.

New multiple-choice field

Next up, we've introduced a new customizable multiple-choice field, allowing your customers to choose from various options.To add this, navigate to Checkout, then Fields, add a custom field and select Multiple choice.

Improved discount code in checkout

Now, when adding a discount code, only a prompt will be visible until your customer clicks Add discount code. This change saves space and improves the overall checkout experience.

You can customize the “Add discount code” text in Design, then Custom labels.

Re-use existing Stripe customer

After making a sale, we'll check if a customer with the same email already exists in your Stripe account and, if so, add the new sale to the same customer.

Thanks for reading, that’s it for this release.

We’re excited to see how you put these new features to work.

Please don’t hold back if you have feedback. Your insights help improve the product.



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Andy Nelson

Andy Nelson

Andy is co-founder of Checkout Page and has over 20 years of experience in the web industry. He has a passion for building great products, making online commerce more accessible and guiding people to grow their business.

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