How to sell tickets with Stripe

How to sell tickets with Stripe

by Jocelyn KeSep 14, 2023
How to sell tickets with Stripe

With Checkout Page's embedded checkouts, you can sell event tickets with Stripe (payment gateway) on landing pages, websites, or as a standalone checkout page. Besides ticket sales, you can also create unlimited event registration forms, signup forms, RSVP forms, and more.

Selling event tickets online

Checkout Page is a flexible alternative to online ticketing software and platforms if you're hosting an event. Event organizers can:

🎫 Sell tickets, packages, add-ons, and online events

🎫 Register attendees and capture leads

🎫 Collect deposits or reservation fees

🎫 Create unlimited registration, RSVP, or signup forms

🎫 Set up installment or payment plans for high-ticket events

🎫 Track analytics

🎫 Customize the event forms with your branding

🎫 Integrates with Google Sheets and thousands of other apps through Zapier

Compared to Eventbrite, RSVPify, or Ticketbud:

Checkout Page

✔️ No ticket fees (see Checkout Page's pricing)

✔️ Save hundreds of dollars in fees for high-ticket events

✔️ No intermediary - you receive payments directly to your bank account

✔️ Customizable templates and designs to match your brand

✔️ No hidden fees or charges


⚠️ Platforms charge a commission for each ticket sold

⚠️ Percentage fees (e.g., 2%) add up significantly for high-ticket events

⚠️ Platforms hold on to payments before disbursing them after a fixed amount of time

⚠️ Outdated form designs and lack of customization options

⚠️ Unable to remove platform branding

⚠️ Complex pricing structure with fine-print hidden fees

Watch: How to sell event tickets online from your website [video]

What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the most well-known payment processors, with transparent pricing and advanced customization options. With Checkout Page, you can tap into Stripe’s payment collection features - no coding needed! Suitable for small and large businesses, finding a new payment processor is unnecessary even as your revenue grows.

Stripe signup

Type of events

While not a full-fledged event ticketing platform, Checkout Page has functionality that supports collecting payments for most events, such as:

  • Live music events, summer music festivals
  • Art festivals, art shows, exhibitions, performances, standup comedy nights
  • Workshops, retreats, weekend getaways
  • Expos, conferences, webinars, talks, seminars
  • Networking events
  • Trivia night, family day events
  • Fitness camp, group workout classes
  • Fundraisers, galas, charity events
  • And more!

We'll walk you through some simple steps to sell tickets with Stripe.

Step 1: Create a Stripe account

  1. Click 'Start now' on Stripe's homepage
  2. Fill in your email address, full name, and password. Then, select the country or region where your business is incorporated. If you’re an individual, select where you’re doing business from.
  3. You'd be asked to verify your email address - check your inbox for the official email! Open the email and click ‘Verify email address’.
  4. Go back to the Stripe website. Your Stripe account is now created! Activate payments on your account so that you can receive payments immediately. It only takes a few minutes!

There are a few sections to fill out: business information, bank details, 2FA security, and product category (‘Add extras’).

Activate payments on Stripe

Activate payments (Stripe) in progress
  1. When you’re done adding details, your account is now ready to accept payments!

Step 2: Connect your Stripe account to Checkout Page

Now, we will connect your Stripe account to Checkout Page for you/your business to get paid online.

💡Tip: Don’t have a Checkout Page account yet? Try it free for 7 days!

  1. Click on your business name > Settings from your Checkout Page dashboard. Navigate to ‘Stripe & payouts’ (as circled in orange below):

Connect Stripe to Checkout Page step 1
  1. When at ‘Stripe & payouts’, you’ll see the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button if you haven’t linked the accounts. When you click on it, you’ll be taken through a few screens to input your Stripe account details.

Mobile phone numbers are important for account and identity verification.

Connect Stripe to Checkout Page step 2Connect Stripe to Checkout Page step 3

Connect Stripe to Checkout Page step 4
  1. Select the Stripe account to connect to Checkout Page. In this example, the account is still “unnamed” so far. Click on ‘Connect’, and you’re done!

Step 3: Choose an event form template

Save time and tap into form design ideas by choosing a ready-made registration form from the template library. There are forms for both paid and free events:

📝 Online webinar registration form template

📝 Conference registration form template

📝 Retreat registration form template

See all event registration form templates here.

Or, if you wish to create one from scratch, here’s How to create an event registration form (with/without payment).

Step 4: Customize the form

With all the options and customizations available on a Checkout Page form, remember to check if it has all the event information, pricing (paid events), form fields to capture attendee info, and branding (logo, images, colors).

Things to consider when customizing your form:

  • What attendee information do you need? Collecting the necessary data and keeping the form simple is best. Longer, complex forms tend to have a higher abandonment rate.
  • Paid events: Add ticket tiers, stock (inventory), bulk discounts, or discount codes.
  • Is there sufficient info on the event for someone to decide? (either on the form or on the event landing page)
  • Customize the confirmation email for a more personal touch.

💡Tip: Unsplash has thousands of royalty-free images you can use, and Freepik has logos, illustrations and icons

At this point, your event form is ready to collect payments and registrations! Potential attendees can register and make payments with just the link. The form can also be embedded onto your website or landing page.

Market your event by sharing the form link on social media, your website, email marketing, and direct messages.

💡Tip: Simplify your registration form if it's embedded in a content-rich sales funnel or event landing page

Example event ticketing page with payment by Checkout Page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it free to sign up for Stripe?

Yes, it is free to sign up for a Stripe account. There are no fees involved if you do not collect or receive payments. Instead, they generate revenue through transaction fees and value-added services.

Can I create a Stripe account without a business?

Businesses and individuals can create Stripe accounts. Individuals tend to fall under the ‘Sole Proprietor’ category.

Do I need a developer to use Stripe?

Not with Checkout Page. You can enjoy online payment and ecommerce features without coding, all in a simple user interface built for business owners and non-technical people. Spend less time configuring your payment setup so that you can use it on core business activities!

Ready to start selling? Start your free Checkout Page trial—no credit card required.

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