10 event ticketing platforms with the lowest fees [2024]

10 event ticketing platforms with the lowest fees [2024]

by Paula ZeltinaMar 22, 2024
10 event ticketing platforms with the lowest fees [2024]

When it comes to organizing successful events, finding the right ticketing platform can make all the difference. However, the search for an ideal platform often revolves around more than just functionality. We're talking money!

A common practice in the event space is to charge revenue-based fees per every ticket sold, but is it really cost-effective for the event organizers?

Luckily, there are many affordable ticketing platforms that still provide a seamless event experience on a lower budget. This article provides a comprehensive list of the top 10 ticketing platforms offering some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Keep reading to see how you can maximize your event revenue and ensure a hassle-free ticketing experience while avoiding unnecessary platform fees.

1. Checkout Page

Checkout Page is a cost-effective one-page checkout platform that offers to build fully customizable event checkout pages, payment plan options and dynamic pricing features.


Checkout Page homepage

✔ Volume-based fixed pricing, no individual ticket fees

✔ Conditional logic and dynamic pricing

✔ Suitable for international events with all major currencies accepted and customizable fields for translations

✔ Buy now, pay later, subscription and payment plan options✔ Can also be used to sell merchandise and digital products


💸 Founder: $29/month (up to $3k sales volume)

💸 Funnel Builder: $79/month (up to $10k sales volume)

💸 Strategist: $149/month (unlimited volume)

2. ThunderTix

ThunderTix is a used-focused ticketing platform known for its competitive pricing, and robust features that simplify the ticketing process for event organizers while providing excellent customer support.


ThunderTix homepage

✔ No fees based on revenue

✔ Interactive seating charts

✔ Private CRM

✔ Low monthly minimum from $20


💸 General Admission: $1 per ticket

💸 Reserved Seating: $1.25 per ticket

💸 Enterprise: $1.75 per ticket

3. TicketSource

TicketSource is a free ticketing platform for selling, managing, and promoting event tickets, with features like customizable event pages and flexible ticketing options.


TicketSource homepage

✔ No fees for cancellations

✔ No contracts or minimums

✔ Option to add donations when purchasing a ticket (3.5% admin fee)

✔ Charity discounts


💸 7% + VAT per paid booking*

💸 4.5% + VAT when using own Stripe account

(Includes payment processing, which is generally 2.9% + 30¢)

4. Showpass

Showpass is a comprehensive event management and ticketing platform for organizers with complex event needs, offering features such as marketing tools, analytics, and memberships.


Showpass homepage

✔ Displays real-time event data

✔ Option to upsell and promote add-ons

✔ Bundle pricing

✔ Event directory


💸 Essential: 1% + $0.44* per paid ticket

💸 Professional: 2.5% + $1.27* per paid ticket

(*Pricing adjusted to USD according to the current exchange rate 1 USD = 1.33 CAD)

5. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is an event management and marketing platform that offers online registration, livestreaming, and attendee management for seamless end-to-end event planning.


Eventzilla homepage

✔ Registration and attendee management

✔ Automated waitlist and approval process

✔ Live streaming

✔ Landing page and survey builder


💸 Basic: $1.50 per ticket

💸 Pro: 1.9% + $1.50 per ticket

💸 Plus: 2.9% + $1.50 per ticket

6. Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an independent, customer-focused ticketing platform, offering private ticket sales, analytics, and translations to reach a wider audience.


TicketTailor homepage

✔ No contracts

✔ Prepaid ticket fee credits never expire

✔ Password protected tickets for private events

✔ Checkout translations in 19 languages


💸 Prepay: From $0.26 per ticket

💸 Pay as you go: $0.65 per ticket

7. Tix

Tix is a versatile and comprehensive ticketing platform with integrated access controls, multi-channel distribution capabilities, and a robust reporting suite.


Tix homepage

✔ 24/7 call centre for ticket sales

✔ Compatible with over 30 payment gateways

✔ Option to use Tix merchant account for payment processing

✔ CRM tools and analytics


💸 $1.00-1.50 per online ticket sold

8. TicketSpice

TicketSpice is a customization and cost-driven ticketing platform including an event page builder, real time analytics and conditional logic pricing.


TicketSpice homepage

✔ Event page builder

✔ Conditional logic pricing

✔ Incentives for discounts when sharing events on social media

✔ Option to upgrade an existing order and upcharge customers


💸 $0.99 per ticket

9. Yapsody

Yapsody is an enterprise-focused event ticketing platform made to fast-track multiple touch points in the event creation and ticketing process.


Yapsody homepage

✔ Exclusive event access using invite-only codes

✔ Option to apply surcharge pricing for high-demand events

✔ Offline payment methods

✔ Built-in SEO tools


💸 General seating: 1.75% + $0.59 per ticket

💸 Reserved seating: 2.49% + $0.98 per ticket

10. RegFox

RegFox is an event registration and ticketing platform focused on attendee management, data driven analytics and event promotion.


RegFox homepage

✔ No-code event page builder with templates

✔ Attendee management and on-site check-in

✔ Option to upsell add-ons, merchandise and upgrades

✔ Payment plan options


💸 1% + $0.99 per ticket (capped at $4.99 per ticket)

While choosing a ticketing platform with the lowest fees is crucial for event organizers to maximize revenue, it is also important to consider the features, functionality and overall customer experience.

With the broad range of options above, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your event and business requirements. Remember, the smoother the ticket purchasing experience for your guests, the higher the chances they'll make their way back to your future events!

(None of the fees listed above include payment processing fees determined by your chosen payment gateway)

What ticket site has the lowest fees?

Which event ticketing platform has the lowest fees depends on your ticket volume and ticket price. However, based on the fee comparisons above:

  • For the most cost-effective option with powerful features: Checkout Page
  • For free basic ticketing with a pay-as-you-go option (7% per ticket): TicketSource

Checkout Page stands out for its unique volume-based pricing structure. Unlike other platforms that charge per ticket sold, Checkout Page offers a monthly subscription fee with no additional ticketing fees.

This can be a huge advantage for events selling a high volume of tickets, especially when compared to platforms that charge 5% or even 10% per ticket.

Here's a breakdown of why Checkout Page could be the most cost-effective option, especially for events selling a lot of tickets:

  • Volume-based pricing: Instead of a per-ticket fee, Checkout Page offers a tiered monthly subscription fee. This means the more tickets you sell, the lower your overall fee becomes per ticket.
  • No hidden fees: There are no surprise per-ticket charges with Checkout Page. Just a flat monthly fee and the standard payment processing fees from your chosen payment gateway (like Stripe).
  • Powerful features: Checkout Page offers a robust suite of features including customizable event pages, payment plan options, and dynamic pricing to optimize your sales.

Ready to start selling? Start your free Checkout Page trial—no credit card required.

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