Introducing Form pages: a new way to capture leads, register guests and collect feedback

Introducing Form pages: a new way to capture leads, register guests and collect feedback

by Sander VisserPublished on Nov 06, 2023
Introducing Form pages: a new way to capture leads, register guests and collect feedback

Today, we're introducing Form pages!

Use Form pages to capture leads, register guests, collect feedback and more.

You can share Form pages directly with your customers, embed them on your website and landing pages or add them to any stage of your sales funnel (pre or post sale).

Just like Checkout pages, Form pages are incredibly easy to use and integrate into your workflow.

Forms are the backbone of online businesses

The purchase is the defining moment you're striving for as an online business owner. To make that sale, you need to connect with your customer. Collecting your potential customer's email often is the first step.

Create lead capture forms to collect email addresses and contact details. Connect your form with your favorite email marketing tool to add new leads to your email list or drip campaign.

After someone submits your form, send them a custom welcome email, and redirect to a checkout page or any page on your site, the possibilities are endless.

Check out our lead capture form templates

Throughout the sales cycle and while you serve your customer, there are many types of forms that will make your life easier, such as:

  • Contact forms
  • Feedback forms
  • Registration forms
  • Survey forms

Our new Form pages make it easy to create these kinds of forms (and many more!) to collect the information you need.

Check out our registration and contact form templates to get started

Use Form pages in sales funnels

Form pages work seamlessly with your Checkout pages. Guide customers from leaving their contact details on a Form page to making a purchase on a Checkout page, or follow up a successful sale with a form to collect additional customer details.

Share form submissions with other tools

Form pages integrate effortlessly into your workflow. Whether you need to sync data to Google Sheets, trigger events via Webhooks, or automate tasks with Zapier, Form pages fit right in to help you automate your business processes.

Lead magnets made easy

Form pages can serve as powerful lead magnets. You can offer downloadable content, such as exclusive files or whitepapers, instantly available to your customers upon form submission. This not only incentivizes engagement but also adds value to your customer interactions.

Explore the full capabilities of Form pages and start creating more meaningful customer journeys today.

Create your first form in the dashboard

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 15.24.24.png

Existing Lead capture checkout pages

If you're currently using Lead capture pricing on any of your Checkout pages, those checkout pages will continue to work as expected and there is no need to make any changes.

The only thing that's changing, is that your Pricing will show as One time payment with a price of 0.

If you like, you can recreate your Checkout page as a Form page.

Wrapping up

That's all for this update. If you need help with the setup or have ideas to make things even smoother, reach out anytime on our live chat or via email.

We're here to help and will get back to you quickly.

Once again, we appreciate you choosing Checkout Page to power your business and sell on your website.

Team Checkout Page

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Sander Visser

Sander Visser

Sander is co-founder of Checkout Page and has over 10 years of software engineering experience. He is fascinated by technology and helping people reclaim their freedom by making a living online.

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