Create your own event page - no ticketing fees!

Create your own event page - no ticketing fees!

by Andy NelsonPublished on Jul 10, 2024
Create your own event pages in minutes, no-code needed, using Stripe for payment, and no ticketing fees!

If you’re an event organizer looking for a highly customizable, no-code event page that uses Stripe to process payments, and doesn’t charge a transaction fee per ticket sales, you’re going to love this product update!

🥁 Drumroll.. Introducing dedicated event pages to sell your event tickets online.

Creating and managing your events is now easier than ever.

Create your own event pages in minutes - no-code needed, and no ticketing fees!

See this event page example:

Why you'll love our custom event pages

Whether you're hosting retreats, conferences, music performances, workshops, festivals, networking events, charity events, sports events, or art exhibitions, our event pages will make selling event tickets easy and help you keep more of your ticketing revenue.

Highly customizable: Tailor your event page to perfectly meet your ticketing needs

No-code needed: Create and manage your events with a simple point-and-click interface.

Stripe integration: Securely process payments with Stripe.

No transaction fees: Keep more of your revenue with no per-ticket transaction fees.

Checkout out some awesome event page examples:

Event pages for existing Checkout Page customers

If you’re already selling event tickets with our checkout pages, you can now switch to using our dedicated event pages instead. These pages are purpose-built for selling event tickets online. We guarantee that switching will save you time and headaches. Plus, we’ll be rolling out lots of event page-only features over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Easily create your own event page in minutes - no-code needed

Creating your own event page is super easy. Just follow these simple steps:

🗓️ Add your event details: Fill in your event information, dates, and location.

🎟️ Create ticket types: Set up different ticket options (e.g., early bird, general admission, VIP).

🧑‍💻 Customize your event page: Add your branding, choose a layout, and decide if you want to embed the page or link to our hosted pages.

📋 Start registering guests: Go live and begin selling tickets.

No coding skills are needed. Everything is point-and-click and will only take a couple of minutes to set up.

Sell event tickets online with no ticketing fees

Unlike the rest of the event ticket industry, we don’t charge fees per ticket sale.

We don’t believe you should have to pay unwanted fees per ticket. Instead, our subscription model is unique. You’ll only pay our monthly subscription plan + Stripe’s card processing fees.

With a standard Checkout Page subscription, you can create unlimited events, sell unlimited numbers of event tickets (paid or free), and avoid paying unwanted ticket fees!

Plans start at just $29 per month for up to $3,000 in ticket sales per month.

For more information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Woman sits at a lapto with arms out to her sides looking uplifted.

Event page features - a guide to creating your own event page

Let’s take a look at some of the new features of our dedicated event pages.

Add your event details

Fill in your event information, dates, and location.

See this event page example:

Add event name, dates, location and description text

Add ticket types to your event pages

You can add any number of ticket types to your event

Each ticket type can have:

  • Its own name and description
  • Be a paid or free ticket
  • A discounted price
  • Available quantity
  • Minimum and maximum purchase limits per booking
  • Hide ticket types when they’re sold out
  • + more

See this ticket type example:

Add any number of ticket types to your event

Add ticket groups to your event pages

Ticket groups are great for related ticket types, different dates, or different sessions.

  • Add any number of ticket types to a ticket group
  • Name your ticket group and add a description
  • Set a group capacity
  • Customize the layout (list or grid)
  • Choose between three selection types: quantity select, multiple select, or single select

See this ticket group example:

Add any number of ticket groups to your event page to organize your ticket types together and manage group capacity

Custom ticket selection for your ticket types

Choose between 3 ways for your customers to select tickets:

Three different types of ticket selection:

🎟️ Quantity select: Guests can choose a number of tickets from a dropdown menu (with minimum and maximum settings).

🎟️ Multiple select: Guests can select multiple tickets from a ticket group.

🎟️ Single select: Guests can select only one ticket from a ticket group.
Each ticket group can have its own selection setup.

See this ticket selection example:

Ticket groups can be set to single select, multi select or quantity select. Allowing you to fine tune how your guests select between your ticket types.

Adding event maximum capacity, group capacity and ticket availability

We've made sure you have the right tools to manage ticket sales and prevent overselling.

  • Set a maximum capacity for each event to ensure you don’t oversell tickets.
  • Each ticket group can have its own group capacity, which ticket types within it can draw from. This prevents overselling ticket types within a group.
  • Each ticket type can have its own available quantity, allowing you to limit sales for specific ticket types.
  • Optionally display the number of tickets remaining for each ticket type to inform potential buyers.

Add custom fields to your event pages

Add any number of custom fields to register guests and gather preferences.

Choose between single line text, multiple line text, multiple choice, dropdown selects, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more. Arrange the fields in the order you need by simply dragging and dropping them.

Easily add custom fields to your event pages to register guests, collect information, ask questions and gather preferences

Add discount codes to your event pages

Add discount codes to your event pages to incentivize your guests to buy tickets.

Coupons can offer a fixed amount off or a percentage amount off. You can pre-fill discount codes directly on your event pages too!

Add discount codes to your event page to incentize guests to buy more tickets

Multiple payment methods for ticket purchases

Accept a range of payment methods for your ticket sales, including:

✔️ Debit and credit cards

✔️ Apple Pay

✔️ Google Pay

✔️ Buy now, pay later services (Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay)

✔️ Bank transfers

And more!

After payment automation after bookings

Once your guest has completed their booking, they'll see a confirmation message and receive an email confirming their ticket purchase. You have the option to customize both the confirmation message and the email sent to them.

Share and embed your event page

After adding your event details, ticket types, and customizing your event page, it's time to go live and start selling event tickets.

You can embed the event page on your website using the iframe code provided. Simply copy and paste the code where you want it to appear.

Alternatively, you can link to our hosted event pages by copying and pasting the event page URL.

Feel free to use both embedding and linking options to reach your audience effectively!

Share your event page link to a hosted event page or embed your event page on your website

That wraps up this product update! We're incredibly excited about this release and we hope it helps you to sell event tickets online.

We have big plans for our event pages and will be rolling out many more features exclusively for events in the coming months. Stay tuned for what's next!

If you're loving this release and want to support us, the best way is to give us your feedback!

We want to make the Checkout Page the simplest and most powerful tool for selling event tickets. Your insights as event sellers are invaluable in helping us achieve this goal.

Please don't hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts. We genuinely want to hear from you.

Thank you!

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