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Offering discounts by using coupons

Notes on using coupons

  • Checkout pages have a minimum charge amount, which varies per currency. For USD, the minimum charge amount is $1. If a coupon code causes the payable amount to go below the minimum charge amount, your customer won't be able to complete the payment.
  • Currently Checkout Page coupons are only available for one-off charges. Coupon codes can currently not be used on subscription pages.
  • Coupon code discounts apply to the final price of the page, including variants.

Creating coupon codes

You can create coupon codes via the dashboard, by clicking Coupons in the menu bar, followed by clicking the New coupon button.

Create coupon

Coupon code settings and limits

  • Name

    This will appear on customers' receipts and is shown internally.

  • Code

    This is the (unique) code customers use to redeem the discount.

  • Type of discount

    Absolute amount: An absolute amount to be deducted from the final price. E.g. a coupon with an absolute amount of $5, will reduce the final price with $5. A coupon with an absolute amount should be given a currency, and can only be used for pages using the corresponding currency.

    Percentage amount: A percentage amount to be deducted from the final price. E.g. a coupon with a percentage amount of 5, will reduce the final price with 5%.

  • How many times can this coupon be used?

    The total amount of times this coupon can be used. This limit applies across customers so it won't prevent a single customer from redeeming multiple times. Leave empty for unlimited usage.

Allowing coupon codes on your checkout

By default, there is no coupon code field on checkout pages. To add a coupon code field to your checkout, go to the page's Settings tab and toggle "Coupon code".

This will add field to your checkout page that allows customers to apply a coupon code. Doing so will display the discount and the updated price.

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