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Subscription pages

You can use Checkout Page to sell subscriptions to your customers. These recurring payments can be used to sell memberships, access to applications, monthly food delivery boxes and more.

Checkout Page now supports subscription payments. Subscriptions let you charge a recurring amount from your customers.

Subscription examples

Examples of subscriptions are:

  • Access to a premium newsletter
  • Access to video tutorials
  • Recurring donations or fan support
  • Access to Software as a Service
  • Meal subscription boxes
  • Community membership

How do subscriptions work with Stripe?

Subscriptions on Checkout Page work on top of Stripe subscriptions. Any subscription you want to sell on Checkout Page, you have to create in Stripe first. This allows you to use the subscription not just with Checkout Page, but also via Stripe or any other Stripe integration. It also means that it's very easy to change to a different service in the future, if you wish.

Creating subscription pages

Creating the page

Creating subscription pages should be easy, so here are the steps. From your dashboard, click New page. Select Subscription in the menu that follows. Now, add a Title for your page. This will be shown on the top of your subscription page. Don't stress it, you can change it later.

Create subscription page example

The next step is to select one of the plans you've created in Stripe. If you haven't created any plans in Stripe yet, you have to do this first. You can do this in the Products section of your Stripe dashboard.

You have to decide if you want to use make this a test page, so that you can see how everything works and act as a customer, or if you want to make it the real deal. If you want to test, make sure you create the plan in test mode in Stripe. After creating plans in Stripe, press Reload plans to load the new plans. If you want to switch between live and test plans, press Switch to livemode/testmode.

Select the plan you want to use on this page and create the page.

It is not yet possible to offer multiple plans on one page. A workaround is to create a page for each plan you want to sell

Viewing the page

Before you start and customise the page, you probably want to see what you just made. Click the View button to see what your page looks like.

Customising the page

There are a lot of options to customise the checkout to suit your needs. When you're editing your page, you can click the tabs to change your page.

Edit subscription page tabs

Using the page to take payments

Once you're done customising your page, you want to use it to get customers. There are a couple of ways to use pages made with Checkout Page:

  • In a pop-up on your website
  • As a hosted payment page by clicking a button or link on your site
  • Share the page on your social media channels
  • Send the link to a customer via email, text and support chat

Each of these ways to use your page can be found by pressing Use in your Page editor.

What happens when someone subscribes

When someone subscribes to your page, these are the things that happen:

  • The customer receives a confirmation email. By default it contains the payment information. You can modify the contents of this email in your Page settings.
  • You receive a payment notification email.
  • If you've set this up, the customer will be redirected to a different URL.

Subscription management for customers

Your customers can manage their subscriptions in your customer portal. They receive a link to your portal in the payment confirmation email. You can find the link to your portal in your Account, allowing you to send it to them when they need it or to place it on your website.

A customer can access your customer portal by filling in their email address. They will then receive an email with a link that provides access to the portal for 20 minutes.

Customer portal

Managing customers

You can view your subscription customers on the Subscriptions page. This is where you see the fields they filled in when they signed up, which plan they signed up to, when they signed up and so on. To manage their subscriptions, you click Manage subscription. This will take you to the subscription in the Stripe dashboard, where you can change the subscription if needed.

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