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How to sell variants

How to sell variants

In this help article, we’ll cover selling product variants like colors, bundles, and upsells from your checkout.

Product variations

Add variants to your checkout to sell variations like colors, sizes, and bundles.

Using variants you can upsell directly from your one page checkout.

How to add variants

  1. Open your Checkout Page dashboard and click Create checkout
  2. Fill in your checkout details and click Create checkout image-8f01.png
  3. In the Product tab, scroll down to Variants to Add variant image-a1d7.png
  4. Name your variant
  5. Add 1 or multiple variant options image-eedd.png
  6. Click Save
  7. Now your variants have been added to your checkout!

There is no limit to the number of variants you can add to your checkout.


Name the variant you are selling.

Example names

  • Choose your color
  • Select from the bundles below
  • Add this offer to your checkout


Variant options are the variations your customer can select from.

Each variant can have 1 or multiple options.

Example variant options for the variant “Size”

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Variant option price

Set a plus or minus price for each variant option.

Your checkout price will automatically update if a variant option with a price is selected.

Examples of variant option pricing

  • Variant option 1: Ebook & hardcopy +$19
  • Variant option 2: Ebook & audiobook +$29


“Stock keeping unit”

An SKU can be set for each variant option.

The SKU will be shown on your payment confirmation email and payment page.

Manage stock

Check to manage stock levels.

Add the number of stock you are selling.

With each sale, the stock number will decrease by 1.

When there is no stock left, your variant option will be “Sold out”.

This variant is required

Check to make selecting a variant option required before checkout.


Price (+/-) increases with quantity

If your customer can purchase multiple of the same product, tick this box to increase the price with quantity.



Add a reference code to identify your variant in integrations.


If left blank, after saving, a unique reference code will be automatically generated for you.

Example variant reference code


Things to note

  • Variant option price (+/-) is not available on checkouts with recurring pricing

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