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“is not” conditional logic for product variants

“is not” conditional logic for product variants

This help article will show you how to make one variant option depend on another using the “is not” conditional logic.

Conditional logic for product variants lets you decide which options to display based on your customers’ choices.

In other words, the choices for subsequent product variants will be based on another variant’s selection.

What is “is not” conditional logic?

You can use the “is not” conditional logic to display options when your customer doesn’t select a specific choice for another variant.


Example: When selling different membership tiers, you can choose to upsell an exclusive offer only available when your customer selects any other membership level than Basic

To apply the “is not” conditional logic for displaying the Add Exclusive 1:1 Online Meetup product variant:

Show/hide logic: 

  • Variant: Membership level 

  • Conditional statement:is not

  • Option: Basic

Open example checkout

How to set up conditional logic for product variants?

  1. From your Checkout Page dashboard, click on your checkout and navigate to the Variants tab

  2. Click Add variant and set up at least two product variants


3. Click on a variant that you would like to make conditional and scroll down to open the Settings section



4. Check the option for Show/hide logic to activate the conditional statements for this variant


5. Choose the condition you want to apply, in this case: “is not“ 


6. Select the respective Variant and Option

  • In this case, Upsell offer variant will only be shown if the selection for Membership level is not Basic


7. Click Save and test your checkout!

Learn more about conditional logic for product variants here

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