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Accepting donations

In this help article, we’ll cover how you can use “Pay what you want” pricing to accept donations.


“Pay what you want” pricing is great for letting your customers decide how much they want to pay.

However, you can also use “Pay what you want” pricing to accept donations.

For example, by changing the label text “Pay what you want” to something like “Make your donation here”, you’ve repurposed your checkout!

It’s also possible to use variants to suggest donation amounts.

Please note that if you’re accepting donations, your checkout name, description & label text should make this explicitly clear.

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How to accept donations with “Pay what you want” pricing

  • Create a checkout
  • Select “Pay what you want” as your pricing
  • Add a minimum amount (minimum donation amount)
  • Select your “Currency”
  • Click “Create checkout”
  • Under “Design” scroll down to “Custom labels”, then find “Pay what you want” and “Pay what you want placeholder”
  • Update this field label and placeholder to something like “Make your donation here”
  • Now you’re ready to start accepting donations!

Min. amount

Add a minimum amount to set the lowest amount someone can donate.

Using variants to suggest donation amounts

How to add variants

  • Create a checkout
  • From the second “Product” screen, click “Add variant”
  • Name your variant
  • Add 1 or multiple options
  • Click “Save”
  • Now your variants have been added to your checkout!

Variant example

  • Variant name: “Suggested donations”
  • Variant option 1, variant value: “$5”
  • Variant option 2, variant value: “$10”
  • Variant option 2, variant value: “$20”

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