Sell online with Buy buttons

Checkout Page lets you make Buy Buttons that you can use to sell from your website, blog and email

Sell products on your blog

By using buy buttons instead of a traditional online store, anything on your page can lead your visitor to a checkout. You use text links, buy buttons or image links to trigger your readers to buy your products in a natural manner. A proven strategy is to inline prompts throughout your articles to sell items.
  • Prompt your readers to buy when it’s relevant
  • Sell with text links, image links or buy buttons
  • Speed up the checkout experience
Add Buy Buttons to a blog
Add buy buttons to website
VEED uses Buy Buttons to sell pigeons in the mail

Sell on your landing page

With the use of Checkout Page’s buy buttons, you can get your landing pages online faster. Even when you’re using a landing page builder that doesn’t support taking payments, you can add buy buttons to your page. The same goes for when you’re using a static site without a backend to process your payments.
  • Convert your visitors at the right moment
  • Bypass the traditional checkout experience
  • Create as many call to actions as you want

Create your first buy button

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