Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Checkout Page?
Checkout Page lets you receive money into your Stripe account without writing code. It lets you create a one-page websites that you can use in a number of ways. You can use Checkout Page to sell digital products, tailored services, advertisement spots, physical goods and more.
How do I use Checkout Page to sell digital products on Stripe?
Checkout Page provides an easy way to sell digital products with Stripe. The best way to do this now is by using Zapier. By connecting Zapier to your Stripe account, you can use an email provider such as add email providers to send emails with attachments after you make a sale on Checkout Page. We’re happy to help you set this up. Please send an email to
How do I use Checkout Page to sell physical goods on Stripe?
Checkout Page can help you to sell physical products with Stripe. One important thing is that you need to capture the shipping address when you make a sale. Please turn on the ‘Capture customer addresses’ option on your page. You will then receive the address of your customer on the Sales page and in your email notification when you make a sale.
What integrations work with Checkout Page?
Checkout Page has no direct integrations, but leverages Stripe integrations. Any integration on Stripe that executes an action based on an incoming Stripe transaction or customer can work with Checkout Page. This includes but is not limited to cool tools such as CashNotify, BareMetrics and ChartMogul.
What does Checkout Page cost?
There are three plans, designed to fit your needs. The Flexible plan has no monthly fee, but a higher percentage fee on each sale. With the Business and Pro plans you pay a fixed monthly fee but lower sale fees. Please check the Pricing page to see exact pricing and features. If you need a plan that suits your specific needs better – feel free to reach out.
How does Checkout Page take a transaction fee?
Checkout Page uses Stripe Connect to make charges on your behalf. This allows me to set a fee on each transaction. The fee is taken on the moment the sale is made and the remaining amount is stored in your Stripe account directly. This means that there are no payouts – you receive your money right away.
What qualifications are there to use Checkout Page?
Checkout Page only works for businesses using Stripe. Stripe requires you to be a registered business and only allows businesses in certain countries. For a full list of countries and qualifications, please take a look at the Stripe website
How does Checkout Page deal with VAT?
Checkout Page does currently not handle VAT. A common approach is to sell all items including VAT and then pay the necessary VAT based on the origin country of the buyer. There a rumours that Stripe is working on an easier way to deal with VAT, which is a reason for me to hold off for the moment. Please get in touch via email or telegram if you need a better export of your sales – I'm happy to generate one.
I have a question / I have a complaint / Something is not working
I’m happy to help – please get in touch via email, Telegram or Twitter. I try to minimise my email usage, so if your issue is urgent, please use Telegram or Twitter.