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Event registration form with payments

Make your own event registration & payment form with Checkout Page’s form builder. This registration form is made easily by yourself and can be embedded on your site, used with buttons from your site or you can simply send the link to your visitors.

Why use Checkout Page’s registration form?

Checkout Page’s event registration forms are perfect for paid events. By using our service, you’re sure to keep your registration form modern, minimal and easy to use which makes it easier for your attendees to sign up and buy a ticket to your event.
Checkout Page’s forms natively support taking payments on the form, so we have thought this through really well. After your visitor signs up and makes a payment, you’ll receive an email notification and are able to view the attendees’ information in your dashboard.
Need your attendees’ information elsewhere? No problem! Because we handle all payments via Stripe, you’re able to connect with a ton of other apps like Google Sheets and Mailchimp.

What can your event's registration form look like?

Our event registration forms are split into two parts: the product and the form. Use the product part to set the right tone for your event and to explain what your event is about. Maybe you’ll use one of last year’s photos to get people excited or change background color to match your branding. There’s room to add an explanation about your event and its pricing, which you could use to explain different ticket options, add an event schedule or list some of the benefits of attending your event.
Example event registration form product
Example event registration form.
The form part of the event registration form will be used to collect information from your attendees, as well as take their payment for your event. You can add a form field to collect their name for personal messaging, ask for their email address so you can notify them about news before and after the event or ask them if they want they will be joining a specific part of the event. You’re also able to sell different packages or group deals, by using Variants.

Handle your event registrations with Checkout Page